Detailof-William_Blake_-_When_the_Morning_Stars_Sang_Together-_1804-1807-_Google_Art_Project copy
Art by William Blake, 1804-1807, PD.

I create content that is evidence-based and well-researched; manuscripts, essays and articles, as well as poetry and storytelling.

Fiction and Non-Fiction. MLA and Chicago.

Topic and genre range: practical, ethical, sustainable living, holistic wellness, spirituality, philosophy, inspirational, aesthetics, art, food, activism; sci fi and fantasy.

Specializing in stories about animals, dreams/dream work, grief, healing, humor, sci fi and fantasy.

Editing services include: line editing, substantive; formatting, independent publishing, and research. Essays, articles, manuscripts, websites, blogs, newsletters.

I am a published author, a blogger, editor, poet, storyteller, and indie publisher.  @CS_Sherin on Medium, Recipe For A Green Life blog on WordPress.


    • Research: for articles, essays, and/or academic work
    • Editing: developmental/substantive and line editing
    • Content: essays, articles, academic/professional, poetry, stories (non-fiction and fiction)
  • Independent Publishing Consultations: specializing in preparation and process support for independent publishing

RATES are standard,
and vary according to the type of project.