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Creative Expertise

Art by William Blake, 1804-1807, PD.

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I am dedicated to providing excellent and timely editing services that best serve you and your goals. You can expect me to provide active listening, clear communication and excellent results.

Wild Clover Creative Expertise by Chandra includes: attention to detail that delivers a polished shine, efficiency, effective communication, and timely responses. I will provide you with expert editing, writing, proofreading and research services for your blog, website, newsletter, article, essay, and more.

I am a published author, a blogger since 2007, editor, poet, storyteller, and indie publisher. For online examples, go to:
@CS_Sherin on Medium.com,
Recipe For A Green Life blog on WordPress,
and the Wild Clover blog (on this website).


In general, rates are standard, according to each skill, and in the intermediate to expert range. Rates will vary according to the type of project and deadline(s). Also, check out our current deals here.

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Prospective clients, please CONTACT CHANDRA with your proposal, and receive a free consultation. Details for specific rates and contractual terms can be discussed at that time. Consultations are by email, phone, or video conference.

Editing Services

  • Developmental (big picture organization, presentation, style, clarity — whole chapter, project, layout)
  • Substantive line editing (details of organization, presentation, style, language, clarity — sentence by sentence)
  • Proofreading
  • Research


  • Research; evidence-based, academic
  • Written Communication: emails, letters
  • Articles, essays, manuscripts
  • Websites, blogs, newsletters (layout, functionality, editing, proofreading, content)
  • Poetry
  • Styles: MLA and Chicago
  • Social Media
  • Google Docs
  • PDF editing

Genre and Niches

  • Ethics, advice, lifestyle, culture
  • Educational and inspirational
  • Grief, healing, and transformative journeys
  • Creativity, wellness and imagination
  • Sustainable living, holistic wellness, mental health
  • Animal stories, storytelling, spirituality
  • Ethical leadership and lifestyle
  • Activism: environment, nature, animal welfare, human rights
  • Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, futurism

Updated August 2019