Editing and Writing Services

Creative Expertise by Chandra to make your project shine!

Art by Wm Blake circa 1805-7, PD.

Thank you for your interest! A reliable, skilled, and consistent editor, writer and researcher is key to boosting the quality and impact of your project for your audience. I am dedicated to providing tailored and timely editing, writing, and research services that best serve you and your goals.

You can expect me to provide: clear and timely communication, expertise, and high quality results.

Editing Services

  • Proofreading: catching and correcting surface errors and inconsistencies
  • Editing: changes and suggestions for change, style, quality, readability, and proofreading for language errors and inconsistencies
  • Developmental/Substantive Editing: overall clarity/readability, layout/formatting, organization, style(s), consistency, logic, rephrasing/rewriting, error correction
  • Research: sources, research, fact/link/citation checking
  • Content: writing and/or re-writing; ghostwriting


  • Articles, essays, manuscripts
  • Websites, blogs, newsletters
  • Manuals, policies
  • Academic, professional
  • Chicago, MLA
  • Social Media
  • Google Docs, Pages, LibreOffice, Word
  • PDF


Rates are hourly or project based, depending on the scope and needs of each project.


Free Consultation & Estimate For New Clients:

Contact Chandra with your project needs/proposal, to receive a free consultation. After the consultation, you will also receive a free estimate for your project.

Genre and Niches

  • Art, writing, poetry
  • Creating rituals, sacred space
  • Astrology, symbols, archetypes
  • Self-help, personal development
  • Educational and motivational
  • Grief, healing, and transformative stories
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Sustainable living, holistic wellness, spirituality
  • Animal stories, storytelling
  • Ethical leadership and lifestyle
  • Activism: environment, nature, animal welfare, human rights
  • Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, futurism

I am a published author, a blogger since 2007, editor, poet, storyteller, and indie publisher. For online examples, please go to:
@CS_Sherin on Medium.com,
Recipe For A Green Life blog on WordPress,
RollerbagGoddess.com Guest blogger,
Recipe For A Green Life (the book),
Wild Clover Press,
and the Wild Clover blog (on this website).

Updated November 2019

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