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Art by William Blake, 1804-1807, PD.

Thank you for your interest! Having a reliable, skilled, and consistent editor and proofreader is key to boosting the quality of your content. This makes what you create more accessible and clear for your audience. And that brings a greater return for what you are providing.

I am dedicated to providing excellent, timely editing services that best serve you and your goals. You can expect me to provide clear, timely communication, efficiency, ethical contracts, and high quality results.

Editing Services

  • Proofreading: catching and correcting surface errors and inconsistencies
  • Editing: changes and suggestions for change, style, quality, readability, and proofreading for language errors and inconsistencies
  • Developmental/Substantive Editing: overall clarity/readability, layout, organization, style(s), consistency, logic, rephrasing/rewriting, error correction
  • Research: sources, evidence-based sources, fact checking, link checking, copyright and crediting
  • Content: writing and/or re-writing


  • Articles, essays, manuscripts
  • Websites, blogs, newsletters
  • Manuals, policies
  • Academic, professional
  • Chicago, MLA
  • Social Media
  • Google Docs, Word, Pages, LibreOffice
  • PDF


Hourly rates are according to each skill, and range between $30-50 per hour. These are the standard rates according to the Editorial Freelancers Association. Half-day, full-day, and week-long project rates are also available.


Free Consultation, Free Estimate:

Contact Chandra to receive a free consultation by email or by Zoom. After the consultation, you will also receive a free estimate for your project.

Genre and Niches

  • Art, writing, poetry
  • Creating rituals, sacred space
  • Astrology, symbols, archetypes
  • Self-help, personal development
  • Educational and motivational
  • Grief, healing, and transformative stories
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Sustainable living, holistic wellness, spirituality
  • Animal stories, storytelling
  • Ethical leadership and lifestyle
  • Activism: environment, nature, animal welfare, human rights
  • Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, futurism

I am a published author, a blogger since 2007, editor, poet, storyteller, and indie publisher. For online examples, please go to:
@CS_Sherin on Medium.com,
Recipe For A Green Life blog on WordPress,
RollerbagGoddess.com Guest blogger,
Recipe For A Green Life (the book),
Wild Clover Press,
and the Wild Clover blog (on this website).

Updated October 2019

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