Editing Services

by Chandra


General and developmental editing for articles, essays, websites, blogs, newsletters, manuscripts, and manuals.

Art: Wm Blake, 1805-07, PD.


Writing, re-writing, or ghost writing.


Research, sources, link and citation checking.

You want efficient, high quality editing, writing, and research services for your important project. I provide that and tailored, time sensitive expertise. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Find out what service, fee or package rate is right for you and your project–and get a free estimate. Contact Chandra now for a free consultation:

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For your article, website, blog, newsletter, manuscript, or manual:

A skilled editor can provide you with a succinct polishing of your project, so that it can truly deliver your intended impact on time. Chandra delivers tailored, timely, and high quality results.


  • Chicago, MLA
  • Your in-house style guide
  • Dropbox, Zoom, Google
  • Google Docs, Pages, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, PDF

GENERAL EDITING: line editing, changes and suggestions for change, quality, readability, proofreading for language errors and inconsistencies.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: overall and big picture clarity and readability, layout/formatting, organization, style(s), consistency, rewriting, and error correction.


  • Ethical leadership and lifestyle
  • Holistic and spiritual wellness
  • Sustainable living; environment
  • Spirituality, spiritual growth
  • Art, creativity
  • Writing, poetry
  • Dream interpretation, intuitive gifts
  • Astrology, symbols & archetypes
  • Grief and healing
  • Storytelling: relationships, animals & nature
  • Activism: environment, nature, animal welfare, human rights
  • Futurism, sci-fi

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Last updated: March 2020