Editing and Writing

CS Sherin, writer/editor/consultant

Art by William Blake, 1804-1807, PD.

I am a published author, a blogger, editor, poet, storyteller, and indie publisher. For online examples, go to: @CS_Sherin on Medium.com, Recipe For A Green Life blog on WordPress, and the Wild Clover blog (on this website).


In general, rates are standard. Rates will vary according to the type of project and time. Please contact Chandra with your specific request and/or inquiry.

Editing Services

  • developmental (big picture organization, presentation, style, clarity)
  • substantive, line editing (details of organization, presentation, style, language, clarity)
  • proofreading

Independent Publishing Consultant

I specialize in providing preparation & process support and consulting, related to independent publishing, such as:

  • brainstorming
  • trouble-shooting related to formatting, approaches, planning and preparation for publishing
  • PDF formatting

Package deals tailored to your needs are available.


  • research; evidence-based, academic
  • non-fiction and fiction
  • articles, essays, manuscripts
  • websites, blogs, newsletters
  • poetry, prose, narrative
  • MLA and Chicago
  • ethics, advice, lifestyle, culture
  • sustainable living, holistic wellness, activism
  • animals, dreams, self-help, spirituality, inspirational
  • sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal

Updated June 2019