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Angel of Music, Photo by CS Sherin
Angel of Music, Photo by CS Sherin, 2018.

I have 15 years experience providing professional holistic spiritual care, support, and guidance that is practical and intuitive. A holistic approach uses a variety of creative and spiritually-focused tools/techniques and resources. The focus for sessions are most often for growth, healing, and self-help. I provide expertise in facilitating dream work, oracle and tarot readings (MotherPeace and Faery wisdom), breath work and positive visualizations, principles and ethics relating to providing spiritual care services; and a variety of tools and resources, and general spiritual guidance and support.

You set the intentions and goals you want for your session(s), I provide the best support and tools I have to offer.

May you discover new dimensions of magic and love that are possible for you in this life!

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For: when you feel stuck, for new levels of spiritual growth; dream work guidance and approaches for interpretation and activation; spiritual support during times of change/grief, for ongoing self-care, for periods of retreat and renewal, when preparing for something important or big, and when you specifically want to journey with Chandra to learn and explore ethics and approaches to providing spiritual care professionally.

Specific services available each session: dream work interpretation, positive visualizations, spiritual guidance, working with the inner child for holistic wellness, tarot and oracle card messages, creative assignments, reading recommendations, and breath work. Honesty, kindness, ethics, humor, compassion, common sense, and creative/symbolic spiritual resources and tools included as needed.

Sessions: take place on your phone or computer through private online conference call (Zoom). Payment is made online after an appointment time is set.

About Dream Work: Dream work can be empowering, and something that is beneficial to explore and practice with friends, family, and supportive community circles. Unpacking and responding to important dreams with proven techniques can make a huge and positive difference in your life! Guiding young children (and friends, family, self) with empowering dream work methods can be a beautiful way to bond and really connect, while learning and exploring the subconscious mind’s gifts and challenges together in constructive and proactive ways. Chandra works with you to explore and unpack dreams in ways that can enrich and recharge your waking life as well!

What kind of spirituality? All beings are spiritual. The energy of spirit/soul is universal and is a part of what connects us all in life and beyond. I provide expert spiritual care that is not identified or dictated by institutions or religion. We are each born with a birthright to a direct connection to what is sacred and Divine. Connecting with inner wisdom and energies of love and goodness bigger than we are individually, and finding ways to meditate and welcome in energies of healing and inspiration for ourselves–can then ripple outward to others, and is a part of the ultimate goal.

Key values I employ: compassion, empathy, critical thinking, logic, kindness, ethical considerations and boundaries, present moment consciousness, sovereignty, and life is sacred.

PLEASE NOTE: Wild Clover Spiritual Care with Chandra is NEVER a replacement or substitute for professional medical based counseling, therapy, and/or mental health care, plans, and prescriptions–and never claims to be.

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1 hour: $50
30 minutes: $25
First Time 30 min. Consultation: FREE

How To Book A Session:

  • Fill out the contact form below and press submit (you will not be redirected to a new page, know that your form will be received)
  • All appointments are made in Central Time (Chicago time zone)
  • If you do not hear back within 48 hours, check your spam/trash folder
  • You will receive an appointment time via email
  • Once you confirm the appointment time, a link to pay will be emailed to you
  • Once payment is received, you will receive a phone number and link, so that you can call or use a computer to join our appointment/meeting time online

*Please read the Wild Clover Spiritual Care Disclaimers & Terms of Service



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