Wild Clover Press proudly presents:
Recipe For A Green Life
by CS Sherin
Edited by Charish Badzinski
Released May 3rd, 2017
Updated November 2017

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This holistic Green living handbook and recipe book contains:

  • Recipes for Green cleaning, oral care, body care, self-care, hygiene, first aid ideas, makeup ideas, and kind plant-based meal recipes—all of which aim to eliminate single-use plastics, toxic ingredients, cruelty, and waste while providing alternatives that are affordable, healthy, sustainable, and relatively quick and easy. With most recipes you will also find safety precautions, tips, and alternatives.
  • Recent news and discoveries, facts, and oodles of resources that form a firm foundation for you to begin researching and exploring. Essential Green topics, tools, and issues. Creative approaches to help you with Green problem-solving so you rise above challenges and obstacles.
  • Green philosophy, ethics, principles, best practices, and a look at the importance of working together across various belief thresholds for the common good.
  • A holistic approach to Green living, which recognizes and addresses the interconnectedness of our lives as well as our varying situations, while leaving some breathing room for differing points of view.
  • Methods to incorporate a Green life into various areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, with animal companions, events, travel, business, and more.

Green initiative: This book is printed with chlorine-free ink, on recycled acid-free paper, made of 30% post-consumer waste that is supplied by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified provider. The printer maintains a commitment to recycling waste materials resulting from the printing process and daily operations. The hard copy is printed with a black and white interior to conserve ink and cost. This book is also printed on demand only, which eliminates waste. There will also an e-book format (in full color) version of Recipe For A Green Life at wildclover.org, and recipeforagreenlife.wordpress.com that will be available to buy and download, which eliminates waste altogether.

470 pages
Includes photography and bibliography

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