Dream Work

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, 1906  US-PD

About Wild Clover Dream Work Facilitation with Chandra:

Dreaming is a big part of our lives, and dreams can be a pivotal key to enriching and informing our waking lives in beautiful, healing, and transformative ways.

For the last 30+ years I have kept a dream journal and actively explored the world of dreaming. Being present to my own dreams, and being a companion for other’s–allowing the meaning of our dreams to unfold, while responding to them–is some of the best work we can do for ourselves and the world.

Dream time can be regenerating, dreams can be disturbing, amazing, and puzzling. Learning how to be present and empowered by your own dreams and unique dream symbols is deeply transformative.

It is an honor and a joy to companion and midwife dreams with others.

Dream work facilitation with Chandra can be individual, or with friends, family, and small groups. Learn how to best unpack and approach interpretation; find ways to respond in waking life to important dreams, visions, and waking dreams — with fool-proof, ethical methods.

Guiding children (and friends, family, and self) with empowering dream work methods can be a beautiful way to strengthen bonds, find deeper understanding, grow, claim healing, and explore together. Address nightmares, recurring dreams, powerful dreams, and the importance of responding to your dreams.

Sessions: take place on your phone or computer through private online conference call (Zoom). Payment is made online after an appointment time is set and before it takes place.

$30 per hour

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How To Book A Session:

  • Fill out the contact form below and press submit (you will not be redirected to a new page, know that your form will be received)
  • All appointments are made in Central Time (Chicago time zone)
  • If you do not hear back within 48 hours, check your spam/trash folder
  • You will receive an appointment time via email
  • Once you confirm the appointment time, a link to pay will be emailed to you
  • Once payment is received, you will receive a phone number and link, so that you can call or use a computer to join our appointment/meeting time online



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