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Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, “Friendship” 1906


Dream Work Support & Mentoring

Dream work support and mentoring with Chandra is one-one-one or in groups. Chandra provides mentoring, facilitation and spiritual care relating to dream work via sessions, according to needs and requests.  A free first-time consultation is available as needed.

Here are some good reasons to consider ongoing sessions of personal dream work support & mentoring with Chandra:

  • Find reliable ways to interpret and interact with your dreams; using a variety of approaches, guidelines, and proven techniques.
  • Discover many ways to respond in waking life to important dreams.
  • Learn that there are various ways to process dreams according to what kind of dream it is or could be.
  • The importance and usefulness of wakeful dream visioning for healing work, problem solving, and spiritual growth.
  • Explore the possibilities of time travel and parallel realities in dreams.
  • Recognize different kinds of dreams, lucid dreaming, and setting intentions for dream time.
  • Address and resolve nightmares, dream droughts, recurring dreams, and powerful dreams.
  • Discover the real importance of dream journals and responding to your dreams.
  • Guide children (and friends, family, and self) with effective and creative dream work techniques to strengthen bonds, find deeper understanding, grow, claim wellness, deal effectively with stresses and fears, and explore together.


Book A Session

Sessions take place on your phone or computer via video conference call (Zoom).
Payment is made via a Paypal link, online, after the appointment is booked.


Individuals:  $20/half hour, $40/hour*

*package deals are available

Groups of 4-6:  $10 per person/hour
10 or more:  in-person only, inquire for rates



Fill out the request form below.  Once you have submitted the form, you will not receive confirmation, so just know that your information has indeed been received. 🙂  You will receive an emailed response same-day in most instances.  Check your spam/trash if you don’t get a response within 24 hours.  Thank you!

  • All appointments are in Central Time (Chicago time zone)
  • Once your appointment is set and payment is received, you will receive a phone number and link, so that you can call or use a computer to join our session at the appointment time.


Why Dream Work?

Dreaming is a big part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  Most of the time, people experience 5 different segments of dreaming during a night’s sleep.  Remembering dreams can sometimes be challenging.  When remembered, finding meaning for some dreams can be elusive, if not mystifying.  Dream dictionaries provide cookie cutter type definitions for dreams.  That is far, far and away from what real dream work access provides.  When we learn to really engage with, understand, and respond to our dreams, dream dictionaries fade into the background of less helpful approaches.

Dreams are a pivotal key to enriching and informing our waking lives in beautiful, healing, and transformative ways.  Leaving this part of our lives unexplored and underappreciated is like being given an immense secret chest of the most valuable/priceless treasures and maps, that we never take seriously or even bother to open.

For the last 30+ years I have kept a dream journal, tracked, and cared for my dreams, and actively explore the dimensions of dreaming.  Since 2014 I have kept my dream experiences and knowledge up-to-date with the most respected educational dream books, seminars, and workshops.  I regularly encourage others in their own dream practice, providing pivotal techniques and perspective.   Dream work is essential to my quality of life and well-being.  I wish to promote and share it, because of the inherent value, and potential for so much goodness to come of it!

Being present to my dreams, and being a companion and midwife for other’s dreams is sacred.  It is an honor and a joy!  Accessing the power and gifts of our dreams, and responding to them, is some of the best and most important work we can do for ourselves, and the world.

Dreams disturb, amaze, and puzzle us–they can be intense, frightening, fleeting, mind-boggling, inspiring, healing, and transformative.   Learning how to be present to, respond to, and become empowered by our own dreaming and unique dream symbols is empowering and awakens hidden potentials.

Providing dream guidance for children (and families) is one of the hidden key components that can help to make a real difference for our collective future!  Dreams are able to help us to find solutions to problems, and lead us to new insights and information that we need in order to co-create a healthier life, personally and collectively.


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