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I have been studying and applying it to my life for over 30 years now. I have been practicing professionally since 2012.

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  • In-depth Natal Report (see full description below) $125
  • Natal Report (planets, midheaven & chiron only) $60
  • Esoteric Insights About Soul Urges & Purpose Report (mystical points,
    4 directions, nodes, and goddess asteroids) $60
  • Re-location/Geographical Report, 3 geographical regions $30
  • Live Astrology Consultation (for birth charts, current transits, and other questions/requests) $50 per hour

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In-Depth Natal Report


This is a 25-40 page in-depth written report (PDF) that is delivered via email download link. It is based on your birth chart, and personally tailored for you by Chandra. This report explores and highlights your overall potentials, gifts/strengths, challenges/shadow, opportunities, and spiritual/soul growth edges in every area of life. It addresses personality, hidden and visible traits, blind-spots, cycles/patterns, relationships, personal and shared resources, work, career, needs, suggestions for balance, health & focus; and unique dynamics related to you and present & past life inheritances. The presentation is broad and specific, instructional, mystical, practical, and spiritual-growth focused.

This report includes: chart pattern and balances, asteroid goddesses, nodes, black & white moon, vertex, chiron, point of fortune, and a free birth chart image.

Calculations are tropical, geocentric, and whole house. 

Even for someone totally unfamiliar with astrology, Chandra makes reports easy to understand, and provides helpful supplemental descriptions in the written report, so that you get the most out of it.

As scheduling allows, and in general: please allow 2-3 business days for delivery of the In-depth Natal Report after payment is received.

Other reports are delivered as schedule allows, and usually: same-day or within 1-2 business days.

All Reports Require:

  • Date of birth: month, day, year
  • Time of birth: hour, minutes, am or pm
  • Place of birth: city, state, province, country

  • All reports are sent to you as a PDF file for download via email.
  • Consultations are via Zoom (online video conference), and can be made for the next day (if schedule and time zone differences allow).
  • Payment is online via a PayPal link.
  • Please read Disclaimers (directly after the Contact Form below).

You can expect a same-day response. At the latest: you can expect a response within 12 hours on week days, and within 24 hours on weekends. Check your spam/trash folder after 24 hours if you don’t get a reply.


  • There are no refunds for digital downloads.
  • There are no refunds for live consultations.
  • Wild Clover Astrology reports and consultations by Chandra are not a substitute for professional medical, mental health, or financial advice and care, and are not suggested or recommended to be.
  • Please consult your professional health, mental health, and financial advisors before making changes to your plans, diet, practices, or prescriptions. Chandra doesn’t recommend changing your health care and mental health care plans and prescriptions in any way.
  • All astrology services by Chandra are for spiritual, educational, and recreational purposes only. Chandra does not claim to be anything other than a holistic spiritual practitioner who provides personal astrology reports and consultations. You are encouraged to dismiss whatever information doesn’t serve you and your needs.
  • Chandra is not responsible for your decisions and actions that may or may not result from the astrological information provided. You agree to take personal responsibility for all of your interpretations, choices and actions.
  • There is no promise or guarantee for particular results, benefits or outcomes from Wild Clover Astrology reports and consultations by Chandra. Any potential benefit or outcome described is dependent on many unknown and unpredictable factors, including your choice and ability to make the most of the information and services provided.
  • Before and after services, questions and feedback are always welcome. For longer questions and discussions, a live consultation may be required. The $50 per hour Consultation rate applies.

Astrological Signs of the Zodiac, Atlas Coelestis, 1660. PD

The Benefits Of Astrology: A Symbolic, Spiritual Tool

Astrology uses the symbolism of: planets, elements, modes of operating, angles of relationship, mythology and archetypes, and some small aspects of astronomy to create a holistic picture of us, and our relationships to life and others, based on our exact time and place of birth (longitude and latitude), and in relation to the sun, planets, and other heavenly bodies in our solar system neighborhood, from the viewpoint here on Earth. With this timeless, yet timely picture, it is possible to find — through symbols, cycles, and patterns — spiritual perspective and affirmation about our: gifts, strengths, shadow and light, challenges, weaknesses, and many other dynamics and potentials in all major areas of life. Astrology is a helpful, fascinating, esoteric, spiritual tool for personal development and awareness. Superficial, one-dimensional horoscopes do not do this tool justice!

While this is purely a symbolic and spiritual tool for inspiration, education, and self-help — it also proves to be detailed and accurate in many instances — when used well and appropriately. It is an aid, not a dictator. It provides insight, not absolute knowing.

Astrological symbols are based on some astronomy (heavenly bodies: planets, Zodiac constellations, stars, asteroids), mystical points, mythology/archetypes, relationship dynamics, elements, energy modes — and covers all major areas of life — from mundane to mystical, personal to universal, work, career, and private to public. Astrology can help us to see and become more aware of some of our blind-spots and growing edges as well.

Reports can be quite deep and detailed. Sometimes, parts of in-depth reports can be contradictory. This is because there are many potentials possible, and other times, parts of our psyche may tend to operate at odds with each other. This is why gaining awareness — knowing — and personal freedom to choose and act are just as big as what seems fated and fixed. “Knowing is half the battle” as they say.

The birth chart is round for a reason. The circle, a mandala, is a symbol of wholeness, which resonates with universal truths of and in what is all around and within us. Astrology can be a treasured tool, like a compass, a meditation, and a symbolic lens for spiritual: support, guidance, affirmation, inspiration, and perspective.

Astrology Has Been Helpful To Me

At various times throughout the past decades, I have gained important insight, been empowered, and have been able to time my goals and projects in more harmonious ways with ongoing rhythms and patterns. I have definitely improved my close relationships through better understanding of our dynamics. Based on geographical location, I have gained helpful and timely insight into the many potentials for me and my family in different regions in the US, and around the world. All of this has helped me to let go, focus on what matters, accept and get to know hidden and lost aspects of me, and better prepare in my life. I have also helped many clients to clarify and improve their perspective on their selves, their past, goals, sense of purpose, and in important relationships, such as with life partners and children.

The potential is there. It is up to each of us as to how or if we receive the information, and make the most of it. Astrology does not require our belief. Yet, it is necessary that we give it the time and energy to consider it, in parts, as a whole and in-depth in order to see receive the potential enrichment, affirmation, and empowerment possible. The potential to face fears, wounds and weaknesses is also present with in-depth astrology. If we accept that potential, we are able to make what is hidden conscious, so that it may no longer have sabotaging power over us.

About Wild Clover Astrology Reports And Consultations

Reports and consultations by Chandra include a focus for spiritual growth, and you are encouraged to face your gifts as well as your dark side, your personal power, your soul urges, and your painful lessons — all as integral, important, valuable parts of who you are — when brought into the light of awareness/consciousness. What doesn’t apply to you also defines who you are — for good, bad, neutral or otherwise….what you have chosen and not chosen, and experienced in life, makes you unique and more defined than the potentials within your chart.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to absorb and meditate on the information provided in reports and consultations as a whole. It is also highly recommended that you follow up with Chandra on any questions or concerns you may have related to reports and consultations. You may also want to schedule a personal consultation to further explore and understand reports in a more personal and direct way. Consultations are also for any time you want to explore your chart or transits more.

Transits are what is happening now, in relation to you. Looking at current transits (long and short term) can bring insight into patterns and dynamics at certain times in life.

Live consultations about a birth chart (and/or transits) is also an incredibly helpful way for partners to process and grow together, and/or for parents to understand more about their child’s needs, gifts, and challenges. The process can be eye-opening, and can even help to resolve misunderstandings!

The in-depth birth report and chart is valid and useful for your lifetime! As are the other reports provided here. Therefore, it is recommended that you revisit reports and seek out consultations at various times and phases in life (transitions, change, events, celebrations, anniversaries), when you may require spiritual: support, feedback, affirmation, focus, and insight.

Sometimes, we already know and agree with the information from reports, which can affirm and amaze with the accuracy. Also, the way we are described, and the way the information from a report is communicated may ignite new understanding that has been missed or lost. One small sentence may be positively pivotal and helpful for the next chapter of your sacred life journey.

With Wild Clover astrology consultations and reports, you can trust that Chandra will contribute her expertise: intuition, skills, creativity, focus, and experience in an open and supportive manner.

May your Wild Clover astrology reports and consultations be a strengthening, inspiring, and enlightening blessing for you and your loved ones!

C.S. Sherin, updated November 2019

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