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Photo: NASA

Astrological interpretations can be invaluable tools that inspire and positively enrich a person’s point of view and approaches to self, life, and relationship to others. Interpretations can shed light on and affirm purpose, soul urges, challenges, gifts, dynamics, and personality tendencies. It can also uncover and defuse dynamics that have been an obstacle in the past. For parents and their children, life partners, or friends, exploring and understanding birth charts can create deeper understanding, lessen conflict, and strengthen, enlighten, and reframe relationships for the better.

In-Depth Birth Chart Report, delivered online, 25-35 pages: $70

Includes birth chart image, asteroid goddesses, Chiron, Black Moon, White Moon, Nodes, Vertex, and Sabian symbols. (Tropical, Geocentric, Whole House calculations) Birth reports and charts are valuable and relevant for the long-term. They can be returned to at various times throughout your life. All other astrology reports are based on this chart.

Consultation for Natal Chart, first time OR a refresher consultation for your birth chart combined with current transits: 1.5 – 2 hours: $100
Via phone or in-person. Comes with a birth chart image via email. Be prepared to take notes or request that the session be recorded. Please note: consultations are in-depth, and entail an intensity since we are delving into astrology for the purpose of self-help, insight, and spiritual growth. You must be willing to engage in self-evaluation, and look at both strengths and weaknesses present in order to embrace deeper levels of wholeness/wellness. I will take great care to facilitate the best consultation possible. Purpose and soul-growth are explored. This addresses most areas of life, in most cases. To prepare, it is recommended that you read the introduction below.

For those who wish to revisit their birth chart, the consultation time frame is the same, but we explore what is going on in your life now, and look at both your birth chart and current transits to find insight and perspective. Can be especially helpful during transitions and other times of change or challenge.

For those new to astrology, both the birth report and consultation are recommended to get the most out of it.

2017 special: Buy a Wild Clover birth report and consultation together, and get a package deal of $150! That is $20 off! No refunds.

REQUIRED information: Birth date, time, place, and email address

Contact to schedule with your birth information and request.
Or email: WildClover[at]wildclover[dot]org

Please note: Results vary. There is no guarantee for a certain outcome or benefit from a Wild Clover astrology report or consultation. These services are for spiritual growth and entertainment purposes only.

 Most importantly, remember, nothing is totally fated or set in stone! Always, there is free will, choice, and myriad possibilities for how someone was, is, and will become. In a lot of cases, even if you have some challenge today, or have had it for years, that doesn’t mean you will still have it in the next minute or next day. It is important to leave room for yourself to be able to change, grow, and open to new possibilities. Also, within a report, sometimes certain elements and aspects conflict and contradict. If aspects of the report are difficult for you to synthesize or put in perspective, a consultation is most often helpful in clarifying, and is recommended.

WILD CLOVER Natal Report Introduction

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The birth report interpretation is a snapshot of where and how all the planets, stars, sun, and mystical bodies were in relation to you when you emerged fully into this life and reality–from the viewpoint of the earth’s perspective using the Tropical zodiac, and the Whole House system. In addition to the traditional planets, aspects and placements, Wild Clover birth reports always include Chiron the centaur, the North Node, the Black Moon, White Moon, the Vertex, and the asteroid goddesses–Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, Hygeia, and Juno. Your birth chart is a mandala (a circle) representing the totality of those connections, as perceived and interpreted astrologically. The birth chart is both timeless, and encapsulates this life and information about you as a whole—your potentials, strengths, challenges, gifts, desired soul growth, and more for this life. This provides an expansive and in-depth report that is unique, like you.

Like personality tests and the Enneagram–astrological interpretations can be invaluable tools that inspire and positively guide a person’s point of view, attitudes, and approaches to self, life, and relationships to others. Interpretations can shed light on and affirm dynamics of relationship, purpose, soul urges, challenges, gifts, subtle dynamics, and personality tendency. It can also uncover and diffuse dynamics that have been an obstacle in the past. For parents and their children, life partners, or friends, exploring and understanding birth charts can diffuse and avert misunderstandings, strengthen and enlighten bonds and dynamics, and reframe relationships for the better.

My approach to reports is one focusing on spiritual growth and purpose, insight and empowerment. In reports and consultations, I use the Jungian psychology term “shadow.” The shadow is the part of ourselves we reject, repress, deny, and project onto others because we see it as bad, wrong, and unlovable. Carl Jung, the founding father of dream work, working with symbols and shadow, and mandalas used for healing, taught that facing and integrating the shadow in ourselves is necessary for true healing and wholeness to occur. When we refuse to see the shadow within ourselves we instead see it in others, sometimes to the point of demonizing them. This projection happens collectively, as well as individually. In mythology and religion, certain figures were demonized for going against the wishes, norms, or powers of the time, or the powers authoring history of the time. The Black Moon of the zodiac is an example of this and what it takes to bring healing to that dynamic.

The projection of one’s own shadow upon others is a psychological fact. We may also project our positive qualities on others and not own them within ourselves if our self-esteem is low. Just as we all have feminine and masculine qualities within us regardless of gender, everything and everyone also has shadow and light, negative and positive qualities within them. When I look at planets, signs in the zodiac, and characteristics of personality I look at both the positive and negative qualities, in order to know what to be aware of in ourselves and to aim for conscious integration and accountability. When we begin to recognize and face the parts of ourselves we don’t want to see, we begin to accept that it is there in us, and embrace it as a fact of being for all. When we are aware, then the shadow cannot have power over us in ways that make us feel like powerless victims, that sabotage us, or that harm others and self unconsciously. We may then take back our power through awareness and by working on spiritual and emotional growth. This takes the power, pressure, and danger out of the shadow in time. What happens is we begin to integrate the gifts and wisdom of that shadow into our being and lives. What we feared and rejected can become a source of balance, wisdom, and new understanding. Facing the darkness in self allows us to eventually bring healing and health to ourselves and others. The shadow then has no or much less power to harm, as we place it in service to our common good; and goals of health, balance, wholeness, peace, and joy. The shadow may then stop being a villain or victim, and becomes an important part of our wisdom, depth, and accountability for who we are and what we choose.

The birth report and your birth chart is an in-depth tool for spiritual growth and insight via the use of symbolism. It is recommended to re-visit your report at various times throughout your life to gain perspective and new insights. You may wish to re-visit with the help of a professional consultation during times of transition and big change too. It is recommended that you read your report in a peaceful and meditative mindset that does not get stuck in little details, but looks at the whole picture as much as any one detail. Some of the report may be more accurate for when you were young. Other parts may show aspects that were never lived out. Hard lessons may have been learned quickly, other potentials are yet to come and may or may not be chosen. One sentence may hold the insight for a huge part of your life, or many things together create a deeper picture that speaks to you, and other parts may speak more to you at different times in life.


Zodiac by Alfons Mucha, 1897. US-PD, Wikimedia Commons
Zodiac by Alfons Mucha, 1897. US-PD