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My name is Chandra (pronounced like “Channing”), and I have been studying and applying astrology to my life for over 30 years now. I have been practicing professionally since 2012.

My commitment is to deliver lovingly created, helpful, illuminating astrology reports that do justice to the art of astrology and to you! 🙂

Wild Clover Astrology by Chandra gives you substance and depth–and a good balance of the spiritual/mystical and the practical. Wild Clover astrology reports are written just for you! And, all Wild Clover astrology consultations are tailored to your questions, requests, and needs.

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Spiritual Growth

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Wild Clover Astro Services

A Wild Clover Astrology Written Report is applicable for your lifetime (unless it is a transit or solar return — yearly birthday — report)! Once you have it, refer to it at different times in your life for new perspective and insights. Reach out for consultations to review and expand your understanding of your birth chart.

Live Wild Clover Astrology Consultations (via phone or video call online) help to illuminate charts in a powerful and helpful way. Consultations are a direct way for you to learn more about: you, your child’s birth chart, current transits (what’s happening now), a birthday chart (good for one year); to review your birth chart and address current goals/issues, and/or for your committed relationships.

The Wild Clover Geographical Influences report (for vacation, business, or re-location) can provide insight into particular regions around the world, or within one country, that carry specific and significant astrological influences for you (your “astro-map”).

PLEASE NOTE: Wild Clover Astrology Reports aren’t cookie-cutter program reports — they are hand-crafted reports, written by Chandra, just for you!


FIRST NAME & preferred pronouns
BIRTH DATE: month/day/year
BIRTH TIME: hour:minutes am/pm
BIRTH PLACE: city/state/province/country

Wild Clover Astro Reports:


  • $150: written report PDF download
  • $200: written report, plus 1 hour consultation
  • Length varies: about 22-42 pages
  • Includes: balances of elements and modes, Chiron, point of fortune, asteroids, and mystical points
  • Focuses on: spiritual affirmation and growth, gifts & challenges, strengths & weaknesses, soul urges, growing edges, and opportunities
  • Includes: birth chart image


$50: written report PDF download

Tailored to highlight a child’s needs, gifts, challenges, and opportunities in a way that will be most helpful, fun, and appropriate for parents

This includes: the Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, personal, social, and outer planets only


$99: written report PDF download

This report focuses on the major aspects, and hidden layers of the: Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Mid-heaven, personal, social, and outer planets only


$250: written report (for 2 people in relationship) PDF download

$300: written report (for 2 people) & live consultation

For: life partners, business partners, or for parent/child

Please note: Natal reports are recommended (but not required) before getting a relationship report


$50: written report PDF download

Up to 4 geographical regions (in the world, or in a country)

Specific regions in the report are according to your request and purpose


$50 for one hour

$100 for two hours

Find Out More, Or Order A Report Now:

You can expect a response same-day, and at the latest, within 48 hours. Please check your spam/trash folder if you don’t receive a reply within this amount of time. Thank you.

So You Know…

  • Reports are based on Whole House, Tropical, Geocentric calculations
  • Wild Clover Astrology Reports are written, and sent as a PDF via email for download—you may want to keep it on a USB drive or print it out
  • Allow 3-5 business days for your report (to be written and) delivered to you, after payment is received
  • Payment is secure via PayPal link
  • Consultations are scheduled, and are via phone conference call or video call online


  • There are no refunds for digital downloads.
  • There are no refunds for live consultations.
  • Your privacy is respected, and what you share in emails or via consultations is kept confidential by Chandra/Wild Clover. Your information is never shared without your permission by Chandra/Wild Clover. Your information is never sold by Chandra/Wild Clover. Unfortunately, due to Internet vulnerability, 3rd party apps and platforms — even with this promise, there is no guarantee that your private information won’t or can’t be breached or hacked. We all take this risk whenever we share personal information on the Internet.
  • Please make a request via email if you would like your birth information deleted from our records after your report is created. (This will require you to re-submit your information whenever you order new services.)
  • Before and after services, questions and feedback are always welcome.
  • Wild Clover Astrology reports and consultations by Chandra are not a substitute for professional medical, mental health, or financial advice and care, and are not suggested or recommended to be.
  • Please consult your medical and mental healthcare providers, and your legal and financial advisors before making changes to your established plans, prescriptions, health, financial, and related decisions.
  • All astrology services by Chandra are for spiritual, educational, and recreational purposes only. Chandra does not claim to be anything other than a holistic spiritual practitioner who provides personal astrology reports and consultations professionally. You are encouraged to discern what information is helpful to you, and what you need to dismiss.
  • Chandra is not responsible for your decisions and actions that may or may not result from the astrological information provided via Wild Clover reports and consultations. You agree to take personal responsibility for all of your interpretations, choices, and actions related to Wild Clover reports and consultations.
  • There is no promise or guarantee for particular results, benefits or outcomes from Wild Clover Astrology reports and consultations by Chandra. Any potential benefit or outcome described is dependent on many unknown and unpredictable factors, including your choice and ability to make the most of the information and services provided.
  • For longer follow-up questions and discussions, a live consultation may be required, and the $50 per hour consultation rate, or a suggested donation may apply. If that is the case, Chandra will suggest that you schedule an appointment for a consultation, and will fully disclose the fee for a mutually agreed upon appointment length and time.

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Updated March 2020