Wild Clover Astrology

Art by CS Sherin

I have been studying and applying it to my life for over 30 years now. I have been practicing professionally since 2012.

  • In-depth Natal Report, written, PDF download: $200
  • Tailored focus (asteroids, 4 directions, or other), in-depth written report, PDF download: $80
  • 1-2 page mini Natal Report, written for newborns, young children, via email: $40
  • Re-location Astro consultation, via email: $40

In-Depth Natal Report

This is a 25-40 page in-depth report, based on your birth chart, and personally tailored for you by Chandra. This report explores and illuminates your overall potentials, gifts/strengths, challenges/shadow, opportunities, and spiritual/soul growth edges. It addresses personality, hidden and visible traits, blind-spots, cycles/patterns, relationships, personal and shared resources, work, career, needs, suggestions for balance, health & focus; and unique dynamics related to you and present & past life inheritances. 

This report includes mystical points, asteroid goddesses, and a free birth chart image.

Calculations are tropical, geocentric, and whole house. 

This report and chart is relevant and useful for your whole life!

Even for someone totally unfamiliar with astrology, Chandra makes reports easy to understand, and provides helpful supplemental descriptions so that you get the most out of the report.

The report is sent as a PDF document download link via email.
Reports are sent after payment is received — usually within 2-3 business days.

All reports require:

  • date of birth (month-day-year)
  • time of birth (hour:minutes:am or pm)
  • place of birth (city, state/city, province/country)

You can expect a response within 12 hours on week days and within 24 hours on weekends. Check your spam/trash folder after 24 hours if you don’t get a reply.