Spiritual-Intuitive Services

Chandra, pronounced like “Channing,” earned a MA in ethical leadership, is a dream work practitioner and mentor, a holistic spiritual-intuitive care practitioner and mentor, and an in-depth astrologer specializing in birth chart and relationship consultations and reports. Chandra has been on this path for over 30 years. She considers it an honor and a joy to provide general, specific, and diverse spiritual care support and mentoring sessions.

Creative healing support; intuitive gifts, holistic wellness; spiritual growth, and mentoring

Transformative Dream Work

The mystical, mythical, symbolic, and creative aspects of life are so often overlooked, put on the back-burner, taken for granted, or forgotten. Yet, all of it, applied wisely, can provide empowerment, comfort, essential guidance, and an enriching pathway for increased inner knowing and peace each day. Through working with our dreams (and healing visualization journeys), we can positively improve the quality and focus of our waking lives.

Spiritual Care & Mentoring

Chandra’s integrated modalities for spiritual care and mentoring: ethics and best practices; creativity, writing and art; energy work for animals/people; healthy psychic boundaries and skills; meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual growth–with many esoteric and practical tools and resources. For: those seeking healing support from a trusted facilitator, for those who wish to grow and deepen spiritually, and for those looking for ethical mentoring and spiritual-intuitive guidance.

In-depth Astrology Focused On Empowerment And Spiritual Growth

In-depth reports and live consultations that seek to provide important insights and affirmations that can help to: build bridges, strengthen bonds, and highlight important perspective that facilitates better communication and better approaches for the individual and relationships. Please see the Wild Clover Astrology Services for important details and other astrology services.


$50 per hour

*See the Astrology Services page for details on report fees

*Some sessions are available on a sliding fee scale for those experiencing financial challenges (inquire for more information)

As both a writer and a caregiver, Chandra’s gift is understanding the human element and forming a strong, meaningful connection.

~ Joel (excerpt from Linkedin recommendations)

Chandra is a holistic communicator intent on delivering beautiful messages of action and genuine truths. In all of her work she is consistent in her passion and gentle healing nature. She gives positive guidance and direction to anyone seeking change. I would recommend Chandra for holistic healing, healthy living instruction, and artful living. She is an absolute treasure to our community!

~ Emily (excerpt from Linkedin recommendations)

Chandra treated me with respect, kindness, and professionalism. Her calm demeanor and encouraging words made me feel valued and understood. I also admire her writing and pursuit of living a green lifestyle.

~ Lori (excerpt from Linkedin recommendations)

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