Your Mythic, Mystic Journey

Transformative Dream Work

photo by CS Sherin

The mystical, mythical, symbolic, and creative aspects of life are so often overlooked, put on the back-burner, taken for granted, or forgotten. Yet, all of it, applied wisely, can provide empowerment, comfort, essential guidance and insight, affirmation, and an enriching pathway of inner knowing and peace.

Art by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, 1906, PD

A Mythic, Mystic Journey

A mythic journey is a journey of symbols, inner and outer natural magic, challenge, struggle, and transformation, which can ultimately serve to benefit self and others. The mythological aspects and stories in our lives are directly connected to our bigger soul-selves, and transpersonal reality.

A mystical journey is a dedication and tuning-in to the inherently available direct connection to the sacred, and to one’s true being. This reveals a deeper reality, meaning and connection in and with all life. The mystical is directly connected to non-ordinary reality, healing, wisdom, compassion, and the sacredness of life and being.

Dreams are doorways to non-ordinary reality and even truest reality. Dreams are able to help us to identify problems, find solutions to problems, and lead us to new insights and information that we need, in order to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Dream work is interwoven with an awareness for the mystical and mythological aspects of your life journey. Here are some aspects of great potential possible with commitment to dream work:

  • Recognize and nurture the mystical and mythological aspects of your life
  • Interpret and interact with your dreams in waking life; using a variety of approaches, guidelines, and proven techniques
  • End a dream drought
  • Help the children in your life with handling and transforming scary dreams
  • Care for your inner child
  • Access “other life” information via dreams and intuitive information
  • Experience guided visual journeying into non-ordinary reality for several different purposes
  • Learn how to identify and process dreams according to what kind of dream it is or could be
  • Explore aspects of time travel and parallel realities that can be experienced and accessed in dreaming and via visualization exercises
  • Set intentions for dream time
  • Address, honor, transform and/or resolve nightmares, recurring dreams, and powerful dreams
  • Discover the real importance of dream journals and responding to your dreams

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Updated July 2019
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