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Compelling, engaging, versatile!

Chandra is ready to work with you!

Whether you’re looking for specialized editing services for your project or organization, a versatile or niche writer, research for articles or essays, assistance with desktop publishing; or an artist or poet…you will find the solution here, at Wild Clover. Chandra is dedicated to meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations.

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Wild Clover is a safe place for:

Black lives, Indigenous lives, LGBTQIA+ folx, Latinx peoples, all other people of color or ethnicity that experience hate and systemic, historical, chronic discrimination; women, single parents, immigrants, those experiencing financial disparity; those with differing beliefs or non-belief; people with special needs and disabilities.

Hate and discrimination aren’t welcome here, and won’t be tolerated.

Wild Clover believes in and stands up for equality, equity, compassionate action, and ethical principles in action. Wild Clover embraces the many gifts of diversity, and advocates for the intrinsic health that it brings to life, land, and communities. We also embrace the challenges that the many kinds of diversity can present, and seek to educate, collaborate, and work actively for equity, health, kindness, dignity, and peace.

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