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Tuckpointing: Hiring a Contractor

Do you have a brick wall that hasn’t been properly maintained in the past few years? Or maybe there’s an old house made of bricks that you want to restore without entirely breaking it? If so, then you need a tuckpointing service from your local masonry! Tuckpointing in the process of filling the masonry joints between your bricks, and this is done for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To prevent waters from entering the masonry joints
  • To extend the lifetime of a brick wall
  • To improve aesthetic appearance
  • To prevent bacteria from entering the joints.

If ever you need to hire a tuckpointing service, then you should call your local contractor today and book up a schedule with their team.


There are several different companies that offer tuckpointing services in your local area, no matter where you live. However, it’s important to know which contractor to hire in order to ensure your own safety as well as to prolong the life of the masonry job. Rather than trying to do this process yourself, you should instead hire a contractor as the tuckpointer. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a local masonry contractor instead:

The Process is Safer

Tuckpointing involves placing mortar between the joints of any masonry work. Although this process is simple, it’s not really that easy. Depending on what part of the house needs tuckpointing, you might need to use ladders to reach higher areas, such as near the roof or your chimney. Of course, if you’re not used to these kinds of work, you might have difficulties climbing, and even risk your own life. Instead, you should hire a local contractor to finish that work instead, thus making it safer for you.

They Have the Right Equipment 

Contractors also have the right equipment needed to the tuckpointing job. Even though this type of work uses only some basic tools, having the proper tools make a huge difference on the final product. Plus, the mortar itself that is used on tuckpointing can vary between different stones and bricks, and choosing the wrong one could do more harm than good.

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Professional Experience

Other than having the right tools, tuckpointers also have enough experience for the job. After all, they’ve been doing this type of thing for years, so they already know the do’s and don’ts for the job. Plus, they will also be faster in each job because they are already working by memory rather than from scratch. They already know how to properly handle those tools, including the gripping and proper techniques. You can expect them to finish tuckpointing by the end of the day!

License and Insurance

Lastly, companies offer insurances for their job, so you can rest assured that they’ll do their work properly. If something went wrong with the masonry joints, you could call them up immediately and they’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible. Moreover, these companies are given proper licenses to operate, so you know that they’re legit!