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A Greener Life Event, Hosted by the Coulee Region Sierra Club

If you are looking for an event in the New Year to get some inspiration and support with like-minded people who care about the Earth, Nature, and the health of our communities — the event I am presenting for on January 29th could be just the thing! 

Here are all the specifics:

Even In 1984 With Treason

CS Sherin October 17, 2018 Hello. Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing with you some fresh poetry, and some more of my nature photography. I hope this will be a welcome break for you, a spot in the day to relax into some poetry…

Retrospective: Past Works, Part One

Past Works, Part 1: Monotype Prints Chandra S Sherin Feb. 22, 2018 updated March 30, 2018 Welcome to the Wild Clover blog! All posts on this site will have to do with the art, photography, and other creative works and features by Chandra S…