Retrospective: Past Works, Part Nine

Past Works, Part 9: 2004 and 2011-14 Paintings
Chandra S Sherin Art
March 30, 2018

This will be the second to last installment of the retrospective on my past art. Then we will move on to an ongoing portfolio of my nature photography and more current drawings.

Today starts with a painting I did from 2004 that is a part of my personal collection, and then on into the 2011-2014 period.

“My Baby Bumps Her Daddy’s Lips,” completed in 2004, acrylic on canvas. Chandra S Sherin (private collection)


“Creation Holds Great Mystery,” mixed media on canvas, 2011. Chandra S Sherin


“Spirit Nude,” portrait, acrylic on canvas, 2013. Chandra S Sherin


“Pattern Soul Flower,” acrylic and ink on canvas, 2014. Chandra S Sherin


CS Sherin, 2018©

Retrospective: Past Works, Part Three

Past Works, Part 3: Oil Paintings of the Late 1990s
Chandra S Sherin
March 1, 2018

Continuing from last week, here is the third installation of the look back at my early works from the end of the 1990s. This is another group of oil paintings.

While I feel great nostalgia for oil painting because it was a medium I had great affinity and passion for, I did give it up. I gave up oil painting for my health and for the health of the environment, as well as to find a practice that is more simple and eco-friendly. In place of oil painting, I first tried moving on to acrylic, but I did not find it as enjoyable.

What are the toxic aspects for a person and environment with oil painting and other methods? Highly toxic solvents mainly, and the plastic via containers and the paints themselves, like acrylic. While there are less toxic alternatives for solvents, none are totally safe. And while some supplies come in glass bottles, many others do not. Most artistic mediums have their issues. And there are ways to make them more sustainable and healthy, in most cases–with a little research and out of the box thinking.

Nowadays, watercolor, ink drawings, and digital photography are satisfying replacements for me.  I also have some fun renewing old objects I find, turning them into some form of art.

I still appreciate the works I did create with oil paints. And I had so much fun using lots and lots of linseed oil to get the sheen you see in this first piece.

“Soul Flower (Houston),” oil on composite board by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Original and prints available.


“Defiant Cry Against The Source Of Suffering” by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas.


deriantcrytosourceofsuffering_comfortingkachina_chandrassherin1999 copy
“Blue Kachina Comforts Him” by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas.


oilonboard_chandrassherin_1998 copy
Portrait by Chandra S Sherin, oil on board, 1998.

Retrospective: Past Works, Part Two

Past Works, Part 2: Oil Paintings
Chandra S Sherin
Feb. 23, 2018

Continuing from the last post, here is part two of the Retrospective series of art by Chandra S Sherin. These five oil paintings are from the 1999-2000 time-frame, when my initials were CSC, not CSS (Chandra S Sherin).

The last three paintings are all on the same canvas, shown chronologically.

“The Present Moment,” by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas. Original work owned by Viterbo University’s Art Department.
“The World Between Us,” by Chandra Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas.
“Layers” by Chandra S Sherin, featured in the 1998 publication of Viterbo University’s “Touchstone.” Oil on canvas.
“Layers 2,” by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas.
“Layers 3,” by Chandra S Sherin, 2000. Oil on canvas.


Retrospective: Past Works, Part One

Past Works, Part 1: Monotype Prints
Chandra S Sherin
Feb. 22, 2018
updated March 30, 2018

Welcome to the Wild Clover blog! All posts on this site will have to do with the art, photography, and other creative works and features by Chandra S Sherin.

We begin with a retrospective series of past works by Chandra S Sherin.

Below: six monotype prints I created in 1998/99. These were all before I was married, and my initials back then were CSC, instead of the current CSS (Chandra S Sherin).

For an artist statement go here.

“Time Between Us,” monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1998.

“Survivor,” monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1998. Original and prints available.

Untitled, monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1998.

“Plasticity,” monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1998. Original and prints available.
“Plasticity 2” monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1998. Original and prints available.


Untitled monotype by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Featured on Viterbo University’s “Touchstone” (La Crosse, WI)  cover that year. Original owned by Viterbo’s Art Department.