Giving Up, And Starting Over

Wisdom And Love From A Mighty Cat Boris William. Photo by CS Sherin CS Sherin, Feb. 20, 2019 A Dark Day I wrote the narrative below, Give Up, at the end of September in 2014. It is about a dark night I went through that I will never forget. It wasn't the first hard time … Continue reading Giving Up, And Starting Over

Mental Health Awareness Week, And 4 Things That Helped Me

Mental Health and Mental Illness are important and huge issues/topics in our world. There are so many aspects we need to address, I cannot begin to elaborate on it all here and now. All in all, we need to create systems that are healing and healthy for people, communities, and nature--and dismantle the corrupt, abusive systems, which contribute to trauma and mental health disruptions. From a personal perspective, mental illness shaped my early life, as my father was mentally ill. In fact, he was a....