Photography: California Vacation, Part Four ~ Finale

CS Sherin, August 22, 2019 This will conclude the photographic highlights from our Bay area vacation this past July. It has been so much fun sharing and revisiting these moments in time. The following photos are from some of my favorites places (already shared in parts 1-3, but from different angles), and some places and … Continue reading Photography: California Vacation, Part Four ~ Finale

Photography: California Vacation, Part Three

CS Sherin, August 14, 2019 A slice of a fallen redwood with dated rings, at the entrance to the trails at Muir National Monument in Mill Valley, CA; July 2019. "909 AD tree is born...1930 tree falls." It was a beautiful day this past July when we drove up to Mill Valley from the Bay … Continue reading Photography: California Vacation, Part Three

Photography: California Vacation, Part Two

I have always wanted to see northern California. This past July, that wish was fulfilled. We were able to rent a Prius via Turo, and drove all around the Bay area, from Mill Valley and Sausalito, to Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, and then back and forth along Highway 1, and down to Santa Cruz. … Continue reading Photography: California Vacation, Part Two

Photography: California Vacation, Part One

CS Sherin, August 1, 2019 We had a great time in the Bay area this July. From state beaches to seeing the ancient redwoods in Muir Woods, nature was where it was at -- and is at. In general, we consider a good vacation one in which we can connect with nature, relax on a … Continue reading Photography: California Vacation, Part One

Photography: Enduring Moments Outdoors

CS Sherin, July 17, 2019 We took a road trip to Decorah, IA about a week ago. We had never seen the 200 foot waterfall there, called Dunning Springs. The top of the waterfall starts from a small cave up towards the top of the bluff. The spring becomes a pretty impressive and relatively long … Continue reading Photography: Enduring Moments Outdoors

Photography: Moments Become Memories

CS Sherin, July 10, 2019 The cool thing about photography is that it provides an enduring insight into fleeting moments. This is one of the reasons I love it. As someone who has always preferred being outdoors as much as possible (with some exceptions), nature photography allows me to stay present with it even when … Continue reading Photography: Moments Become Memories