Photography: California Vacation, Part Three

CS Sherin, August 14, 2019 A slice of a fallen redwood with dated rings, at the entrance to the trails at Muir National Monument in Mill Valley, CA; July 2019. "909 AD tree is born...1930 tree falls." It was a beautiful day this past July when we drove up to Mill Valley from the Bay … Continue reading Photography: California Vacation, Part Three

Friday Feelings: Lotus In The Mud

Also, Current Astro Weather And New Moon Muses CS Sherin, March 29, 2019, edited 03-03-19 This water-lily with the damselfly perched upon it, was a photo I took last summer. It reminds me of the Buddhist symbol of the lotus that rises up from the mud. It reminds me of what happens when we let … Continue reading Friday Feelings: Lotus In The Mud

Dream Work: She Is Monumental

Unwrapping And Translating Our Dreams CS Sherin, Feb. 25, 2019, updated 04.10.2019 Dreams speak to us in many ways. Sometimes dreams bring to our awareness meaning and messages via symbols and archetypes. Other times, the dreams we have can be an actual journey of consciousness and spirit. At times, dreams are layers and mixtures of … Continue reading Dream Work: She Is Monumental

Giving Up, And Starting Over

Wisdom And Love From A Mighty Cat Boris William. Photo by CS Sherin CS Sherin, Feb. 20, 2019 A Dark Day I wrote the narrative below, Give Up, at the end of September in 2014. It is about a dark night I went through that I will never forget. It wasn't the first hard time … Continue reading Giving Up, And Starting Over

A Tribute, In Loving Memory of Dr. Mary Oliver, Poetic Goddess

January 17, 2019 CS Sherin Please Note: The article below was originally written and posted on a former version of this site. This article from 2012 has been edited and re-published in honor of Dr. Mary Oliver, who died earlier today. Before you read the following article that I wrote after meeting Mary Oliver back … Continue reading A Tribute, In Loving Memory of Dr. Mary Oliver, Poetic Goddess