Retrospective: Past Works, Part Eight

Past Works, Part 8: Illustration, 2007
Chandra S Sherin
March 22, 2018

I am particularly fond of this little cartoon I drew in 2007. It is about a beloved cat, no longer with us, who we called Boris. Boris was an extraordinary cat, and I remember him with great love. This cartoon was inspired by his passion, spirit, and dreams in his early years with us (after he had healed from earlier traumas before we adopted him). Narration and drawings are by me, CS Sherin. The cartoon’s title is:
“Boris’s Dream.”

Boris’s Dream by CS Sherin, 2007: Boris is dreaming….
Boris is dreaming of stalking a cute little bird with an alluring tail. It is an easy catch…
Boris is dreaming of eating the bird. He eats the bird whole and it goes down easily right into his stomach….
Boris is dreaming that the bird is alive in his stomach and has gifted him with a golden egg. Boris is proud….
Boris dreams that the egg hatches and something wonderful flies up from the egg in one effortless swoop….Boris is so pleased…..
Boris is dreaming: A kitten with wonderful wings has hatched from the egg! Boris couldn’t be happier! He has always wanted to fly like the birds. He always thought that maybe if he ate one, he would be able to fly too.
Boris wakes up suddenly from his dream of the bird, the egg, and the cat with wings. He is surprised! He sits with the joy of the dream and begins to purr.

In fond memory of the brave and valiant Boris William, the cat.

CS Sherin, 2018©

Retrospective: Past Works, Part Seven

Past Works, Part 7: Mid-2000s Ink 
Chandra S Sherin
March 16, 2018

This part of the Retrospective journey of my past works begins with a sampling of drawings from the early to mid-2000s.

Womb, green ink on paper, early 2000’s, CS Sherin


Big Fish, ink on paper, 2007, CS Sherin


Fancy Goldfish, ink on paper, 2007, CS Sherin


Boris and Abigail, ink on paper, mid-2000s, CS Sherin


CS Sherin, 2018©

Retrospective: Past Works, Part Six

Past Works, Part 6: End of 1990s Ink
Chandra S Sherin
March 15, 2018

This will be the last post of my works from the 1998 era. After this, we will move on to the early 2000’s drawings.

Ink on paper, 1999, CS Sherin


Ink on paper 2, 1999, CS Sherin


Portrait, Jeff, 1999 by CS Sherin


Galaxy and Us, ink on paper, 1999, CS Sherin



CS Sherin, 2018©