Saving Solstice ~ A Cat Rescue Story

Boris William, king cat. Photo by CS Sherin If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you will have noticed that our cat, Boris, shows up in various stories about dogs, about life, and in poetry that I write. He really was an amazing cat with a big presence. His death, … Continue reading Saving Solstice ~ A Cat Rescue Story

Moodbooster: A Tidy Mouse And NZ Haka Dances

CS Sherin, March 20, 2019 Happy Spring Equinox to the northern hemisphere today! And, happy International Happiness Day! This is a time to plant and nurture new seeds of hope, love, and goodness. I can help with that, and would love to work with you. Go to this page to learn more. 🙂 To celebrate … Continue reading Moodbooster: A Tidy Mouse And NZ Haka Dances

Giving Up, And Starting Over

Wisdom And Love From A Mighty Cat Boris William. Photo by CS Sherin CS Sherin, Feb. 20, 2019 A Dark Day I wrote the narrative below, Give Up, at the end of September in 2014. It is about a dark night I went through that I will never forget. It wasn't the first hard time … Continue reading Giving Up, And Starting Over