About Chandra

About Chandra

(pronounced like Channing)

CS Sherin, July 2018.


This “About Me” goes beyond my general and basic description of me as an author, editor, researcher, artist or photographer. This is about my consulting and Wild Clover Astrology and Holistic Spiritual Care practice in particular. They are aspects of my work and practice here that I feel deserve a deeper explanation of where I am coming from. Wild Clover Astrology and Holistic Spiritual Care are really the work of a priestess or spiritual midwife.

My experience has been as a holistic spiritual practitioner professionally since 2003…and personally since…forever? 🙂 I was born to move and shift energy, inspire change/understanding, and to express my creativity and co-creator gifts. This may seem a random sharing, but it has a purpose relevant to what I am telling you: I was born not with a father, but with a man who was severely damaged by corruption, hate, and other bad legacies of institutionalized systems.

By the age of 3, I began speaking in full sentences. My first words were: “Where are my other parents?” I then proceeded to provide my family with details and full names of people from some other era and culture, far beyond what I should have been capable of saying or knowing. Since it was the 1970s, this was not a common or known phenomenon. My family was unnerved and didn’t want to hear any more. They certainly didn’t write anything down. In those early years I had other past life memories beyond what I should have known or been able to talk about. My family was stunned, fascinated and scared by this. From the beginning, I had an innate connection to knowing/cosmic consciousness.

Meanwhile, my biological father was not good, and then by age 7, I had no father. He was bad enough that I was glad he was no longer in my life. But, I grieved deeply at no presence of a father. By the age of 8, another man stepped forward. Someone who was not able to be my father, because he was a priest. He was also broken and wounded by the corruption and hate that is like a disease on this earth for too long. Yet, he functioned and loved enough to be able to be a father figure to me. At the same time, my natural gifts were developing: the inclination to walk with and comfort those in need, empathy, an innate passion for justice and activism, and a creativity that flows easily. That priest was there for me, through the rest of my childhood; with humor, creativity, radical compassion, and kindness. He was a loving and tragic being (alcoholic and then recovered), and I am deeply thankful for his courage to be there for me from the age of 8-17, and then again on my wedding day. He saw who I was, even when I was only a kid. He actively and vocally encouraged my inner priestess to become concrete and active in this world. He wanted me to become a pastor, because of the gifts he saw and named for me back when I was eight years old. It was a long road to accept this role, however. Somewhere deep in me is a nomadic spirit who never wishes to be domesticated or placed in one role. In accepting this, in time, I was able to awaken into my own unique way of “ministering”–which is outside of institutionalized structures, for sure. It surely also helped to have a mother who is young at heart despite traumas and heartaches; strong, generous, compassionate, fierce, full of wisdom, humor, energy, intuition, and a myriad of life experience. My mother retains the willingness to learn and grow at age 80-something, still works full-time, and has a relentless passion for justice.

Professionally, in the past, I have served as: a wedding celebrant, funeral officiant, hospital chaplain in-training, hospitality volunteer, at-risk youth volunteer, homeless lodge caregiver, advocate for women and children leaving domestic abuse, child caregiver, Reiki teacher/practitioner, dream work midwife, breath work advocate, artist, writer, activist, environmentalist, and oracle card messenger. To sum it all up, my wise father-in-law described me as “a spiritual nurse”.  I have always sought to integrate my art/creative self into my spiritual leadership self. Both are a big part of me! I have a BA degree in Ministry and Art. I have a Master’s of Arts degree in Servant (ethical) Leadership. I have an ongoing dedication to research, and am grounded in ethics and compassion.

By the way, if you cringed at my use of the word priestess (some do) I would ask you why the feminine expression has been made to be culturally unacceptable? Before you jump to an answer to that, I would invite you to sit with the question for a while. As for me, I claim the priest and priestess within. They are archetypes I have been expressing and learning from for a long, long time. I step into my power, and wish to empower you to do so–in your own way–as well. Gender, power, and general birthrights have been manipulated and plundered long enough, don’t you think?

In summary, coming from dysfunctional and abusive family and community structures and institutions, as well as dysfunctional, abusive, and corrupt systems in our country and world at large–being able to empower myself and share with others, tools for self-care, empowerment, and holistic wellness, is one of the best parts of being alive in such a corrupt and insane culture! That is, next to knowing, sharing, and experiencing real love, compassion, humor, and the freedom to create, be healthy, and free.

The other tools I count as priceless and well-used by me, like astrology, are: dream work, journaling, breath work, positive visualizations, yoga, the spiritual and deeper aspects of the Enneagram, Akashic clearing work, creating meditative watercolor mandalas, creativity, and connecting with the elements and Nature.

I am especially interested in serving and working with those who wish to get unstuck, to seek their best potential, and those who wish to live counter-culturally–in order to facilitate healthy ways and new currencies for a better future for themselves and others. For those who are heartbroken by all the destruction and hate, please keep speaking up, acting, hoping, persisting, and being true to who you are–continue standing up for love, equity and an inclusive, healthy future for the planet, elements, ecosystems, communities, people, and all beings. I would be honored if you would allow me to support, encourage, and provide you with spiritual growth resources and tools that will helpfully enrich and empower your important and precious journey that is this life. You are needed, loved, and you are here for a reason!


CS Sherin, WildClover.org, August 2018©








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