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Chandra, aka C.S. Sherin, MA, is author of Recipe For A Green Life. She seeks to honor life, relationships, and the sacred through storytelling, poetry, art, and photography. Chandra creates engaging content across genres, and provides specialized editing services.

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On this page you will find summaries for all services available, which include: specialized editing, writing, and expert consulting.

Specialized editing

Great editing happens in stages–it develops, clarifies, strengthens, and polishes your message to a compelling shine. Great writing and editing facilitates trust and confidence between you and your readers, clients, and/or customers.

Without necessary kinds of editing (and research), your project may leave a bad impression on potential readers, clients or customers, and may suffer from a loss of interest, missed opportunities, and/or embarrassing errors.

Effective editing services can free you of possible snags, provide peace of mind, and facilitate a process that brings out the very best version of your project and goals.

Common results of expert editing services include: achieving goals, better results, growth, and successful engagement with readers, clients, or customers.

Wild Clover Editing by Chandra can take your project to the next level!

Rest assured, Wild Clover editing services are: timely, flexible, reasonable, effective, and specialized–tailored for your unique needs, goals, and budget.

Project or Manuscript Assessment: This is a good option for those on a budget, or for big projects that need feedback in order to plan on how to best proceed. After the free consultation and once all needed materials and information have been reviewed–feedback, suggestions, commentary, and an editorial plan are provided.

Developmental Editing: Big picture editing that addresses overall organization, style, tone, impact, and consistency, from beginning to end. Commentary, feedback, rearranging and building of structure, and some mark-up are provided. Questioning content regarding possible issues or omissions, transitional writing and some rewriting may also be provided. This kind of editing ensures the best possible version of the project is formed and realized.

Substantive Line Editing: Line by line, section by section–line editing provides detailed edits focused on style, tone, flow, and message. Feedback, commentary, mark-up, and suggested rewrites are provided. This type of editing seeks clarity, points out potentially problematic content and errors, and provides additional suggestions for consideration.

Desktop Publishing: For short publications–manuals, booklets, journals, and newsletters. Provide your text when it is ready for publication. Wild Clover Press will provide elements of layout and design in PDF format.

Proofreading: Mark-up of typos, spelling, and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and technical issues. This is the final stage of editing before publication.

Research and Citations: Research for: educational articles, essays, and manuscripts–using reliable, sound sources. Reliable, verified sources are essential. Fact checking for articles and essays is essential. Please note: citation projects require a specific and consistent style.


Original content for: websites, articles, newsletters, journals, magazines, manuals, professional documents, internal communications, letters, or books.

Skills: versatile tone, style, and message–according to genre, audience, and goals. For genres, see below “Expert Consultant”.

Style Books: Chicago, AP, MLA, or your house style.

Expertise: In addition to the expertise listed below–creative writing and academic, non-fiction, and educational content.

expert consultant

My education, experience, and practice allows me to provide expert consulting and advising in the following categories:

  • Animal Companions/Pets
  • Art (Painting and Drawing) and Fine Art
  • Asexuality
  • Astrology and other Symbolic Tools For Personal Growth
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Grief, PTSD, and Personal Healing
  • Environment and Holistic Sustainability
  • Ethics and Leadership/Lifestyle/Spirituality
  • Holistic Lifestyle, Wellness
  • Parenting, Relationships
  • Personal Development
  • Poetry
  • Storytelling
  • Spirituality/Mysticism/Metaphysical
  • Transformative Dream Work Practices, Visualizing
  • Women’s Issues
  • Writing and Journaling

* Consulting services may be integrated with editing services or stand alone.


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