Recipe For A Green Life

A Holistic Sustainable Living handbook & recipe book

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  • 439 pages and 400 endnotes
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  • Published May 2018
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  • ISBN: 978-0-692-11083
  • 488 pages
  • 399 endnotes
  • Black and white photography
  • 7×10 paperback
  • Published August 2018
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What’s New In This Edition?

Important updates and edits throughout to ensure the book remains a well-rounded and useful reference and handbook for a holistic approach to sustainable, kind living at this pivotal time. According to the IPCC report, by 2030 we need to have made unprecedented, radical changes to our lifestyles and systems around the world in relation to sustainability, renewable energy, diet, agriculture, and everything in order to reduce warming to 1.5°. We need to have divested from fossil fuel extraction and use, and transitioned over to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Recipe For A Green Life is meant to help us make this transition, on the personal and local level, especially — and with a holistic big picture approach too. We need to be living in more sustainable ways in every aspect of life, business, and culture, starting now. This is urgent. Recipe For A Green Life is practical, helpful, well-rounded, and at the grassroots level.

Book Summary

Recipe For A Green Life: A Holistic Sustainable Living Handbook & Recipe Book, second edition, 2018, written by CS Sherin and edited by Charish Badzinski, is based on extensive research and years of the author’s personal experience of putting the principles and recipes into practice. CS Sherin provides a dedicated guide that invites you to grow a well-rounded, holistic Green lifestyle — one that leaves room for change, individual circumstances, and varying points of view.

Recipe For A Green Life is filled to the brim and overflowing with fun, easy DIY recipes and resources for Green cleaning, hygiene, self-care, makeup, first aid, and plant-based meals — all of which aim to eliminate: single use plastics, waste, toxic ingredients, cruelty, and unsustainable ingredients. Recipe For A Green Life gives you plenty of Green actions and hot tips for nearly every area of life–from home, family, and animal companions–to business, community, events, the outdoors, and travel.

“What you hold in your hand is a simple, effective solution to reclaiming our homes, our planet, and our health.”

~ Charish Badzinski

Recipe For A Green Life is about creating and growing a thriving Green lifestyle that is affordable, healthy, empowering, and more commonly understood and embraced. CS Sherin looks at the challenges we face realistically, and makes the process interesting. Whether you are already on the path or new to it, Recipe For A Green Life is a practical guide, resource, and recipe book for sustainable living that sets you up for success!

CS Sherin provides you with a strong foundation of up-to-date resources, plenty of recipes, honesty, creativity, simplicity, and approaches to problem solving that can make a holistic approach to sustainable living last! Recipe For A Green Life is a versatile tool for everyone, that provides a deeper foundation and clear perspective; setting a clear path to take the important steps that can make each daily habit and action count.

Green Initiative

The E-Book

The e-book format saves trees, water, and lessens waste and pollution, which results via the printing processes. Beyond this, a Greener impact in choosing e-books is up to you. If you read over 44 books on your e-reader you halve your impact on the climate, whereas if you read less than 22 you will greatly decrease your impact. The greater danger is the harm of e-waste. While companies keep releasing more and more models, you can choose to ignore that trend by using one e-reader indefinitely—recycling it at a designated hazardous waste facility when it no longer functions.

The Paperback

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A Note From The Publisher

Recipe For A Green Life, by CS Sherin, is a great educational tool, and is written with great passion for inclusivity, to serve and make a positive impact. As an indie publisher we depend on word of mouth, reviews, and shares, in order to create the momentum for the potential positive impact. Your part is needed and dearly appreciated. Please, do consider giving this book a public review, share it, and recommend it to students, friends, coworkers, and communities.

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