Chandra S Sherin circa 2004

All images of art work on this site are my creation and copyright.

I ask that you recognize and respect my work as an artist by purchasing works that you wish to enjoy further, and refrain from taking images without my permission. It is not legal or ethical, for one. So, a bummer on your karma. Two, it would take away the opportunity for us to enjoy the benefit of the healthy and inspiring relationship of patron and artist.

I have great love and gratitude for my patrons! Consider being one. Please, do contact me if you wish to buy an original work, and even a print or poster of art by me that you have seen on this site. It would be my joy and pleasure to help you enjoy one of my pieces for the long-term via your purchase and my shipping the work to you. I will make it as easy as possible. I am also open to commissions.

Thank you much!

Chandra S Sherin,
Wild Clover Designs