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“Prairie Flowers, Vervain” CS Sherin, 2018.

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Chandra S. Sherin, Art Bio

“The Present Moment,” by Chandra S Sherin, 1999. Oil on canvas.

Nature, energy, and relationship; the surreal, otherworldly, strange, fringe art, folk art, street art, and the abstract most engage me. I am also inspired by impressionism, expressionism and environmental art. Beyond literal art work, my creativity ventures into realms of: herb and flower gardening, making soup, baking, arranging and creating spaces, writing/poetry, esoteric aspects of life, and through freestyle dancing.

I create art and take photographs due to a personal need to do so.

The entire process brings me to a deeper place that is more connected to who I am — and with greater awareness and appreciation for the magic and miracles of life. I am interested in tapping into, and expressing: vivid energy, color, relationships, what is overlooked and unseen, the individual and collective subconscious, and the superconscious. The hope is to inspire, nourish, and bring hidden things (the overlooked, the far-out, personal perspective, fun, humor, strangeness) into view, and therefore, into greater awareness.

I started creating art, and exploring photography, when I first entered my teens. In 1999, I earned a BA degree in Studio Art from Viterbo University. I have been commissioned for pet portraits, personal portraits, indoor murals, drawings and paintings ever since.

Preferred mediums at this time: digital photography, drawing (ink and pen), and watercolor.

Creating mandalas is an ongoing passion (since about 2003) that coincides with my love for the pioneering work of Carl Jung. Some of the mandalas from my art journal can be seen on my Instagram page (cs_sherin).

Chandra S. Sherin

Updated April 2020