The Importance Of Anti-Racism

This is a stressful and uncertain time for our country. In so many ways, people were hurting and have been hurting; and are hurting more now. As we stand as allies, we must continue to educate ourselves, to learn, and to use our privilege for acts of kindness, justice, and solidarity. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you. Take courage. Let compassionate action guide and inform you.

Support And Accurate, Helpful Resources During The Pandemic

Support and helpful, accurate resources for all, including teens, families, caregivers, and those already under stress...during the pandemic...and important self-care and hygiene tips too.....

For What It Is Worth

The Truth About Self-Employed/Freelance Women, And Their Rates & Fees Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash C.S. Sherin, Dec. 6, 2019 I love when people get right to the point, and so, that is what I am going to do. The following information is everything. It is the main point, which comes from a question … Continue reading For What It Is Worth

Featured Blogger On Rollerbag Goddess Today

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash Good news! I am being featured on a great travel writing website today, the Rollerbag Goddess! The Rollerbag Goddess gave me some interesting interview questions -- it was quite fun. It's a good read for your Friday. Please do head over there and give it some love: "Featured RBG: … Continue reading Featured Blogger On Rollerbag Goddess Today

Changing Our Habits For The Greater Good

Ethical Leadership for all, and shifting our thoughts and actions in healthier, empowering ways that last Art by Warwick Goble, 1920 PD. CS Sherin, August 27, 2019 After I earned my MA degree in Servant Leadership in the Spring of 2006, one of the major lessons that stayed with me was the understanding that real … Continue reading Changing Our Habits For The Greater Good