Astrology: The Gift Of Perspective

Perspective can give us new glimpses of reality we hadn’t considered, which can actually shift our mindset and cycle of thoughts and habits. Perspective can give us space to breathe, imagine, and create anew. Perspective can release undue pressures, and refocus our attention on facts of core, maybe overlooked, importance.

A Tribute, In Loving Memory of Dr. Mary Oliver, Poetic Goddess

January 17, 2019 CS Sherin Please Note: The article below was originally written and posted on a former version of this site. This article from 2012 has been edited and re-published in honor of Dr. Mary Oliver, who died earlier today. Before you read the following article that I wrote after meeting Mary Oliver back … Continue reading A Tribute, In Loving Memory of Dr. Mary Oliver, Poetic Goddess

Mental Health Awareness Week, And 4 Things That Helped Me

Mental Health and Mental Illness are important and huge issues/topics in our world. There are so many aspects we need to address, I cannot begin to elaborate on it all here and now. All in all, we need to create systems that are healing and healthy for people, communities, and nature--and dismantle the corrupt, abusive systems, which contribute to trauma and mental health disruptions. From a personal perspective, mental illness shaped my early life, as my father was mentally ill. In fact, he was a....

Haiku ~ Second Week Of April

By CS SherinApril 13, 2018 Here are my daily poems I wrote this week in honor of Poetry Month (April 2018). All of them are haiku except for April 12th. Enjoy! In case you missed last week's daily poetry summary, click here.  April 7When I dream I saveeveryone, and when Iwake, I save myself. April … Continue reading Haiku ~ Second Week Of April