Friday Feelings: Lotus In The Mud

Also, Current Astro Weather And New Moon Muses CS Sherin, March 29, 2019, edited 03-03-19 This water-lily with the damselfly perched upon it, was a photo I took last summer. It reminds me of the Buddhist symbol of the lotus that rises up from the mud. It reminds me of what happens when we let … Continue reading Friday Feelings: Lotus In The Mud

Navigating In And Between Worlds This Month

Astro Mood: Foggy And Mystical Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash CS Sherin, March 7, 2019, updated 04.10.2019 Right now the Sun and Neptune are as one in the sign of Pisces. It is Pisces season for sure. At the same time, Mercury is also in Pisces, and will be in retrograde mode until the … Continue reading Navigating In And Between Worlds This Month

Astrology: The Gift Of Perspective

Perspective can give us new glimpses of reality we hadn’t considered, which can actually shift our mindset and cycle of thoughts and habits. Perspective can give us space to breathe, imagine, and create anew. Perspective can release undue pressures, and refocus our attention on facts of core, maybe overlooked, importance.