This Is An Election Of Historic Victories. What’s Good, in case you missed it during all the chaos…

The results of the 2020 elections are historic! So many firsts! So many breakthroughs and affirmations for people of color, immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ community! Check out the growing list of good news to pay attention to....

Wild Clover News

Updates For you on what's up at Wild Clover Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on C.S. Sherin, 29 July 2020 Recipe For A Green Life news My book, Recipe For A Green Life, in e-book format, is on sale. You can get an instant download of this 439 page holistic guide and recipe book … Continue reading Wild Clover News

The Importance Of Anti-Racism

This is a stressful and uncertain time for our country. In so many ways, people were hurting and have been hurting; and are hurting more now. As we stand as allies, we must continue to educate ourselves, to learn, and to use our privilege for acts of kindness, justice, and solidarity. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you. Take courage. Let compassionate action guide and inform you.

Drawing Mandalas For Fun And Peace

Drawing Mandalas For Fun And Peace...and some quick updates... C.S. Sherin, April 27, 2020 Hi! A couple bits of Wild Clover news for you, and then, something I have been meaning to share with you here for a month! Radio Interview Postponed My interview on the "Heart of Wellness" show on, that was scheduled … Continue reading Drawing Mandalas For Fun And Peace