In-Depth Birth Chart Report

Art by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, 1909, US-PD.


Description: This in-depth written natal report includes all major planets, aspects, the main asteroid goddesses, nodes, black moon, vertex, point of fortune, and key mystical points. Report length can range from 20-38 pages (PDF format) depending on individual aspects. This is a report that can be relevant and useful for your entire lifetime! I use geocentric, tropical, whole house calculations, and tailor each report for you personally. Includes the natal chart for free. Sent in a link via email to be downloaded and saved within 2 days of receiving it.

Add A Personal Consultation: Especially for individuals new to astrology and parents ordering a report for their child — I highly recommend ordering a personal consultation with this report. The consultation, via Zoom, takes place at an agreed upon appointment time via a link I email to you. You click the link to join the private call via your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. For this particular consultation I recommend this option rather than via phone because I will share my screen with you so we can look at and talk about your (or your child’s) birth chart together. If you only have a phone that is okay. You will be emailed a link to connect to the appointment with all needed instructions.

What is it? This is the foundation for every other report and consultation you can ever have astrologically. It is a symbolic tool, a snapshot of you–your life, your gifts, experiences, challenges, potentials, and soul urges (using symbols, astronomy, mythology, a mandala, and archetypes to frame it all). The natal chart is a constant throughout life. You will find, it is placed in context to concrete and important areas and aspects of your life–past, present, and possible future; self, home, relationships, work, education, health, and the spiritual. This report is deep, detailed, timely, and timeless! You can gather important information from this report for a lifetime.

Potential Benefits: New perspective and insights, empowerment, focus, fun, and self-help/self-care for holistic wellness, personal growth, goals and focus. In addition to being great for the individual, this report can be a priceless tool for parents with children as well as for significant relationships. Both my clients and I have realized important dynamics, qualities, needs, and personality expressions about our selves, children and/or significant other via the natal and reports (and consultation) that helped to enlighten relationship dynamics, decrease conflict, and increase understanding. It has helped open up new understanding for me and others, as a parent, that has led to better approaches for loving and conscious parenting according to the unique child. For partners, exploring each other’s natal reports together can create space and context for helpful conversation, deeper sharing, and increased understanding.

In Depth Natal Report via email

Add on a video or phone consultation:
$50 per hour

*When you order the report and consultation together, you receive $25 off the regular price!

Before you order:

  • For consultations: appointment times will be in Central/Chicago time
  • For consultations: once your appointment is set, you will receive a link to pay and information to connect to the consultation via phone or computer
  • For written reports: you will be sent a link to pay for the order via email
  • Written reports will be sent to you within 3-5 business days after payment is received


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