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: Schedule an appointment for a set amount of time to talk one on one with Chandra about your birth chart, current transits, or to address any questions or topics you want to explore. Revisiting both your natal chart and current transits at various times and phases of your life can be a great tool for spiritual care, self-care, and food for thought and wellness. Consultations can also be an interesting and fun way to process and explore more about yourself, decisions, goals, relationships, and your child/parenting. Transitions and other changes or challenges can be an opportunity to welcome in some fresh perspective.

Personal Consultation Technical Details:
Wild Clover Astrology Personal Consultations take place via phone or online conference call.

The consultation, via Zoom, has two options:

An online conference call via your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. I send you the link after we set an appointment and payment is confirmed. This option is best for sharing my screen with you so that we can look at your (natal and/or transits) chart together.

Call with your phone at the scheduled appointment time with the number I email to you after appointment is set and payment is confirmed.

Online or phone consultations are scheduled and then paid for via email.

When to book a Personal Consultation: When you want or need to revisit and explore your natal chart and/or to discover current transits. You don’t need to be new to astrology to benefit from a review of your natal chart. Regular reviews and a look at transits can also be a helpful way to affirm goals, soul urges, growth edges, timing, focus, and self-care themes.

Current transits can help you to gain insight into what is going on now astrologically, especially for you, and in the present and heading into the future years. Transits can give insight into current timing, energies, and dynamics.

Who is it for? self, romantic partners, parent-child

Amount of time to book? 1.5 hours is a great amount of time to explore your natal chart for the first time. 1-1.5 hours works to look at your natal chart and transits. If you have a couple specific questions or topics of an interest and that is all, a half hour may be enough time–especially if you just want a quick astrological check-in a prepared topic of interest, like: relationships, self-care, career, spirituality, community, family, money & resources, healing/wellness and self-help. The more specific you are about your goals and questions, the better. If you are not sure about an amount of time, we can talk about what you want to accomplish and go from there.

Consultation Rate:
$25 for 30 minutes
$50 per hour
$75 for 1.5 hours

Before you order, some important details:

  • For consultations: appointment times will be in Central/Chicago time
  • A link for the consultation and payment will be sent after the appointment is set
  • For written reports: you will be sent a link to pay for the order via email
  • Written reports will be sent within 3-5 business days after payment is received


  • Fill out the contact form below, press “submit”
  • You will not be redirected to another page, but once you press “submit” your contact form information will be sent
  • If you don’t receive a response in 24-48 hours, check your spam/trash folder

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