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You are here —> Earth, a.k.a. Bona Dea: The Good Goddess, Gaea or Tellus/Terra Mater —> the 3rd planet from the (relatively young) Sun, a.k.a. Sol or Helios —> our Helios solar system orbits near the Galactic Center —>
within the Orion minor arm (in between the major arms of Sagittarius & Perseus) of ourbarred spiral galaxy called The Milky Way. Bona Dea’s (Earth the Good Goddess) Helios (our Sun) is one of 200 billion+ suns in the Milky Way. There are now thought to be tens of billions to 100 billion solar systems in our galaxy, The Milky Way, alone.

The Most Crowded Place In Our Galaxy (The Milky Way). Arches Cluster in the constellation of Sagittarius. Credit: NASA/ESA 2015

What you will find on this page:
In-depth information about my astrology practice,
what in-depth astrology isn’t,
what is important to know about astrology in general,
the many kinds of astrology.

by CS Sherin
August 1, 2018, updated August 9, 2018

(pronounced like Channing)

My thoughts, approach, experience, and view of astrology:

I calculate charts using western, tropical, whole house calculations, and with the best software available. Astrology reports and consultations I provide are based in astronomy facts and discoveries, mythology, archetypes, various phases and perspectives of astrology, and my own perceptions, instincts and intuition. Symbolism and mythology are used to interpret our specific place and time in this solar system–the neighborhood we inhabit in the galaxy. We need meaning and context. For instance, our solar system is in a minor arm of the barred spiral galaxy, in the Milky Way, near its rotating center, called the galactic center. This is amazing and good to orient ourselves in this way. And then, the natal chart is an imprint of the vantage point of our geographical placement and time of birth entry on this planet in relationship to our solar system neighborhood. That is the symbol, those (planets, asteroids, points) are some of the mythological heavenly bodies nearest us acting as archetypes of energy, timing, patterns, dynamics, and aspects. For the astrologer, the planets we focus on and other heavenly bodies are archetypal symbols that mirror inner and outer realities. The tool is complex and layered.

It is a pretty esoteric and symbolic perspective. I feel, see, and know astrology to be an impressive and beautiful symbolic tool. In addition to my interest and study of astrology for over 30 years now (different traditions, books, general information, by own chart, and online teachers), I have tried and tested astrology personally and professionally for the last 8 years successfully. People I have worked with have gotten unstuck, have had key realizations that shifted perspective in helpful ways! I also continue to research and learn humbly, knowing that there is always so more to learn!

Important to note in all of this: As an astrologer, I am not bound by astrology. It is merely a helpful tool in order to grow, face and gain insight, and it can be a meditation for many things. Astronomy, for me, is not a tool. It is information, discoveries, theories, and facts about our physical existence on Earth in this solar system, and beyond. That information, the images, and the growing knowledge about it is priceless and enjoyable to learn about and explore.

My approach to my astrology practice includes critical thinking, intuition, research, astronomy, holistic spiritual approach via symbols and mythology, a Jungian understanding of light, shadow, and the urge to integrate the broken pieces back into wholeness and wellness; having done the work personally–I don’t guess or assume. I present possibilities and welcome feedback. My reports and consults also include an approach of naming possible wounds, faults, gifts, talents, challenges, opportunities, and potential in the many areas of life and many aspects of being. It is a lot deeper and detailed than most expect.

This is kin to the work of a priestess or spiritual midwife, as much as a fine art science. My experience has been as a holistic spiritual practitioner professionally since 2003, and personally since forever. I grew up not with a father, but with a priest who saw and encouraged my inner priestess. Professionally, in the past, I have served as a wedding celebrant, funeral officiant, hospital chaplain in-training, volunteer, homeless lodge caregiver, child caregiver, Reiki teacher/practitioner, dream work midwife, breath work advocate, artist, writer, poet, oracle card messenger, and spiritual caregiver. I have always integrated my art/creative self into my spiritual leadership self. Both are a big part of me! I also have the ability to intuit and shift energy.  And, I am dedicated to  research, ethics, and critical thinking.

By the way, if you cringed at my use of the word priestess (some do) I would ask you why the feminine expression has been made to be culturally unacceptable? I claim the priest and priestess within. They are archetypes I have been expressing and learning from for a long, long time. I step into my power and wish to empower you to do so in  your own way as well. Gender, power, and general birthrights have been manipulated and abused long enough, don’t you think? This is about being–being true to you. I will encourage you to express your best potential, care for your wounds with kindness and consciousness, and to make the most of this tool and opportunity to know more about yourself, and even your soul’s deeper urges, sometimes glimpsed, sometimes gazing back at us from the natal chart!

Sensationalism is not a part of my practice. I do not make everything alarming or an emergency.  Instead, I choose a balance of looking at the personal and the big picture, normalizing the cycles and changes as appropriate, while always appreciating and leaving room for our free will, critical thinking, intuition, co-creating energy, your feedback, and creativity. I use all of these as well as my knowledge of the tool to provide grounded, yet expansive astrological consultations and feedback.

I cannot and will not predict anything for you. I commit to providing you with the best information I can, hopefully in ways that have the most potential to be helpful and insightful for you for years to come. I can provide you with helpful information about current energies in order to provide input into decisions you may be considering in the future. I can point out likely opportunities and timing for some events and plans. I can highlight potentials of partnerships. This is a benefit of consultations, but it is not predictive– that is, claiming to tell you facts that will occur in the future.

Prophets were those who understood the past (hidden and written) and knew, based on the past and the present how to foretell the most possible future. Prophets were in tune with truth and multiple perspectives and dynamics of reality. There can be a prophetic kind of energy that happens with in-depth astrology–but it is important to realize that this awareness is not psychic prediction, and I am not interested in doing that or claiming that it is. Can I advise you of certain astrological dynamics and transits to keep in mind as you make decisions for the future in your life? Yes! Can I let you know about potential for certain interests and gifts that may form in the future. Yes. And can that input be helpful in helping you to  co-create a better future? It is possible, and perhaps even likely.

FREE WILL, choice, action, gifts, challenges, instinct, intuition and unique presence in the present moment remain…despite qualities and energies that seem to be or are, in some sense, fated or fixed. We are not bound by fate entirely, in life or in astrology–even though there are some fixed dynamics in life and personality that may make it seem that way too often. Yet, most often this–life–is still an improvisational dance–unpredictable and changeable. That is good news, as long as you are willing to take responsibility, continue learning, growing, and respond/act on the information you are given in the best ways possible for you. That takes a commitment to mindfulness, wellness, and holistic care for yourself and your life. That means looking at your blind spots, wounds, and shadow qualities as much as your gifts, talents, and amazing potential. I encourage that, and have experience with that. I have been a holistic spiritual practitioner for the last 15 years and I continue to hold myself to this practice of self-evaluation for personal growth and positive ethical evolution.

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In-depth astrology reports and consultations are not even remotely kin to the cheap one-dimensional commercialized horoscopes most people are familiar with. In-depth astrology reports and consultations are as much a real and effective tool for growth, insight, and strategy in life as are the many tools we use for wellness and enrichment in our lives. There is no requirement or need for belief in astrology for it to work. Just as there is no need for you to believe in a wrench, screwdriver, paint brush, or clay in order to use them. Just as there is no need for you to believe in meditation in order to practice it. Astrology is a valuable tool. It may be a symbolic, spiritual, and esoteric tool. But still. That is all. No belief required.

While we are on the subject…

Astrology IS a helpful tool–when used well and appropriately. Appreciate and use the information and insight you gain from astrology. But, don’t let it control you. Take breaks from astrology as needed. It doesn’t require belief, it is a tool of information and potentials. Don’t let the latest eclipse, retrograde, or planetary alignment rule your life.

MISUSE OF ASTROLOGY includes the following mistakes: worshiping said tool, binding one’s self to said tool and living under it’s “power”; stopping living one’s life freely and joyfully and instead dictating one’s life by said tool, and teaching and sharing astrology without enough research and depth to do it justice.

What Is Important To Understand About Astrology In General

Spiral Galaxy, Messier 74. Hubble/NASA, 2007.

Astrology uses the 12 Zodiac Signs that are based on the Zodiac Constellations (documented by astronomers, many of whom were also astrologers at the time), Mythology, and Ancient & Modern Astrology methods (of the past 2-4,000 years) based on the heavenly bodies’ relation to when and where an individual is born on Earth, down to minutes and latitude and longitude.

That calculation of the astrological birth chart is the basis for all other calculations, reports, and predictions made in astrology for a person. It is relevant for the individual’s whole life, and covers nearly every important area of life with some surprising detail.

The history and use of astrology in conjunction with astronomy has been going on from ancient times. They were one, not two. Babylonia had the first recognizable system of astrology, around 2nd millennium BC. Astrological tradition continued in different ways throughout history: Egyptian, Hellenistic, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indigenous Peoples around the world, and early Europe. Each had and has their approach and system rules for calculations and the symbolism and art of astrology. By the way, Mayans were especially advanced in calculating time in relation to the stars. They were both astronomers and astrologers. There was a concrete scientific aspect, and a spiritual and esoteric one as well—it seems that they were not compartmentalized, but used in a more holistic approach to life and our place in it.

It is important to realize that astrology doesn’t assert that all is fated or that we are victims of all that is around us. On the contrary, it simply describes and illuminates likely potentials, tendencies, inheritances, patterns, and cycles—very much in tune with the layered factors and elements we deal with each day of our lives. It can be like a mirror, and can be effectively used to become more aware and to grow.

Astrology, as I know it, is an in-depth, ancient, and dynamic symbolic tool that can be used to gain more insight and perspective about one’s self in all aspects of life: self, resources, home, family, relationships, career, gifts, challenges, and more–as well as the dynamics and qualities present in all of those, and suggestions for best approaches in order to use and deal with them well. This is all done from the perspective of each person on Earth in relationship to a part of our neighborhood in this solar system.

This ancient art is so detailed in its ability to symbolize and interpret our place on this Earth in a personal way, that it is considered a science of sorts by many. Certainly, it is a science and an art unto itself. As can be anything that is done with such detail, expertise, time-tested benefit, and room for growth and new understanding.

Mythology, archetypes, and other symbolism are used to reveal universal and personal facts about our selves, our lives, and our relationships. In-depth astrology is able to encapsulate a timeless picture of your whole life here in symbolic ways which can enrich and expand your understanding of yourself and this life–as you live and navigate it. With this in-depth astrology it is also possible to ascertain desirable locations to visit or live, which may provide more favorable energies for an individual, and to time goals and activities in ways that are more in tune with personal and universal energetic movements.

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There are many approaches and schools of thought in astrology, like Vedic, Mayan, Chinese, Western, esoteric, evolutionary, classic, modern, ancient, Heliocentric or Geocentric, and more. I could spend my whole life studying one or two and never finish learning. Those different approaches can differ greatly to the point of being completely different in method and interpretation. Astrology has ancient roots globally, for instance, in India, China, many Indigenous cultures–from Australia to Mayan. All of those origins and developing methods have their own approaches and systems that are, most often, complex and in-depth. Shallow commercial examples do not do astrology justice.

The Long-Term Effects And Meaning Of Shallow Commercialized Astrology In Our Culture

Oversimplifying and making astrology shallow in order to discredit, commercialize, or otherwise water it down–renders it laughable and useless.

If you have misgivings and resentment towards astrology I would ask what the foundation for that feeling is? A solid conclusion after deep study and research? Or, something you inherited from shallow examples of it that are nothing like the real thing?

Actually, astrology and astronomy were once a holistic system in ancient times–one in the same. The shaman, the wise “man”, the one who studied the stars, found and shared both scientific facts/discoveries and spiritual meaning/symbolism from within it. Real astrology, no matter what school of thought or combination of approaches—is not and has never been the superficial horoscopes of newspapers and carnivals. In-depth astrology takes into account a holistic viewpoint. It is something more relevant, time-tested, diverse, in-depth, and effective than what has been presented in mainstream thought and criticism.

Angel And The Sun by CS Sherin, WildClover.org

A scientist isn’t a pastor. And a pastor isn’t a scientist…yet, a person can be a scientist and a pastor. It happens. That doesn’t mean that a pastor creates a pseudo-science when he merges the two disciplines s/he knows well and practices ethically. Pastors used to be more superstitious and subjective in their approach to their work, so did scientists. In modern times pastors of integrity are able to release old superstitious ideas and go deeper into what is real and objective, spiritually, and in relation to personal growth and facts. So it is with serious astrologers, and I hope– with scientists.

The unfortunate resentful disconnect astronomy seems to hold on to with astrology, is like a dysfunctional relationship between twins in Greek myths! I trust it is something that will hopefully fade or transform. Perhaps in time, we will have new discoveries that will require both disciplines to rearrange everything that they thought they were sure of, and begin in new ways. I hope so. 

For now, I do wish that astronomy would be kinder to their Luna Lovegood-like twin a bit. Astrology is perfect being who she is. As are you, astronomy. I appreciate you both, that is for sure.

I imagine now, astrology says to astronomy:

“Dear Astronomy, are the heavens not big enough for both of us, and all the rest?”




CS Sherin, (Chandra of Wild Clover Astrology)
August 1, 2018, updated August 9, 2018


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