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Chandra S Sherin

Nature is a time-tested reference and model for art, creativity, health, beauty, wonder, balance, and sanity. I focus on the experience: of emotion, sensuality, presence, relationship, and vivid colors. I wish for the patron to feel, sense, and come away with an imprint of where I was and what I saw and how I experienced it. Each person will take in an image in their own way, with their own lens. Via my poetry, photography, and art, I wish to welcome the viewer into a place of questioning of what they see each day, and what goes unseen. Hopefully some work can renew a sense of wonder, and help the viewer to question anew what we automatically assume as real, as reality, or ordinary. My deep love and appreciation for nature and the intensity of color and energy that I experience in relationships of all kinds, and the different layers of reality I witness in dreams and visions is the foundation for my work. My creativity is the voice of my spirit, and what makes me thrive rather than just survive.

Chandra S Sherin, MA, has been writing poetry, keeping a dream journal, practicing photography in Nature, and creating art since she was 13 years old. Now in midlife, she has discovered the powerful alchemy of combining dreams and poetry; and photography of what is real and observed in Nature with inner experience.

Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is the author of Recipe For A Green Life, and CS Sherin is her author name. Chandra is also an artist/photographer, dreamer, survivor, editor, spiritual practitioner, sustainability and kind meal wiz, and researcher who knows the healing power of dreams and creativity. She has applied that knowing to her own path and has shared it with others for decades.

In her free time she loves to delve into mystery, sci-fi, and esoteric subjects; to dance, enjoy music, and commune with family, animal companions, friends, and nature. The Midwest area known as the “Driftless Region” has been Chandra’s home for over 25 years. The rivers, marshes, prairie, woods, and bluff ecosystems– and all the life within it–are sacred to her, and provide her with deep and fertile inspiration and motivation for her creativity and environmental passion.

Chandra S Sherin
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