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Transformative Dream Circle Members Wanted

Photo credit: CS Sherin Transformative Dream Circle Members Wanted Posted: Summer Solstice, June 20th, 2017 Author: CS Sherin Are you interested in meeting once a month to explore and honor yours and other's dreams? Do you want to take your dreams and dream journaling to the next level? Do you want to learn more about [...]

May The Fourth Be With You, Book Release Announcement

May The Fourth Be With You! And Book Release Announcement from Wild Clover Press

Green Lifestyle Workshop at the Climate Action Festival This Saturday

This Saturday La Crosse's 2nd annual Climate Action Festival will take place at the corner of Losey and Main street at First Congregational church. They have a great space with lots of natural light to enjoy all the vendors and the workshops that will take place throughout the day. There will be snacks, and it [...]

Introducing Recipe For A Green Life Blog

INTRODUCING RECIPE FOR A GREEN LIFE BLOG by CS Sherin Feb. 8, 2017 Before you know it, my new book, Recipe For A Green Life, (edited by Rollerbag Goddess, Charish Badzinski) will be published and available for you to delve into. In order to make the most of that, I gave this big Green book its [...]

The Necessity of Self-Evaluation and Personal Accountability in a Time of Such Great Change and Need

This takes courage, humility, forgiveness, perseverance, bold action, and surrender to what must be done in a time that depends on us if there is to be any chance. Each of us has unique ways to do this, both separately and together.

Guest Scribe at Downtown Winter Open House

I will be at Full Circle Supply (local Green bulk and refill shop in La Crosse) this Friday starting at 4pm to write poetry from your stories of love....for Valentine's Day or just because. Love takes all shapes and forms, it doesn't have to be just romantic or even just about human to human relationships. Think outside the box. It will be fun and interesting, and a break from all the chaos and stress. Come see me!

Wild Clover News: New Book, New Dream Circle, and a Poet Plays Cupid

Wild Clover News: New Book, New Dream Circle, and Poet Plays Cupid! January 23rd, 2017 by CS Sherin Now, more than ever, is a time to invest in creative and compassionate acts daily. Beyond hope, this brings tangible positive evidence of goodness and healthy spirit in action

The 13th Zodiac, Ophiuchus

THE 13TH ZODIAC, OPHIUCHUS A DREAM ABOUT THE SERPENT-BEARER By CS Sherin Updated Nov. 15, 2016 Practicing astrology for myself and others is one of my favorite creative tools that is both fascinating and helpful. When I create a report and share an in-depth astrology consultation it is an honor and joy for me to [...]

Moving Forward – US Election Results Through The Eyes of An Oracle

Wild Clover is about living a creative life with courage and intuitive intelligence. Creative Services and Green Lifestyle, which I provide here are all centered around the courage and spirit to live life differently--to the beat of your own drum, making what you do an art, a part of your heartbeat, and with your own unique gifts, skills, and experience rooting you in how you move forward. Part of this creativity for me is using symbols as tools to connect with inner wisdom, collective wisdom, guidance, empowerment, insight and so forth. That is what in-depth astrology provides, that is what the Enneagram provides when you delve into it deeply enough, and that is what dream work and angel and fairy oracle cards can provide as well. I have decided to share the faerie card spread I did this morning with all, for perspective on this upending day after the US election results.

Wild Clover News: Recipe For A Green Life to be Released, and Four Ways to Process Complexity & Stress Creatively

Wild Clover news: upcoming book to be published! And, discover tools to help you process layers of complex energies in the best ways possible....