The Short version…

Chandra (pronounced like “chant”) is an author, editor, publisher, poet, artist, and dedicated dreamer. She is also an ethics and research enthusiast.

C.S. Sherin is Chandra’s author name, and Wild Clover is the online polestar for her creative expertise creations, content, and services.

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The long version…

For over 30 years, Chandra (pronounced like “chant”) has maintained an ongoing practice of: writing, poetry, photography, meditation, dream work, lucid dreaming and dream journaling; and creating art in various mediums.

Chandra has two BA degrees from Viterbo University (Ministry and Studio Art), and has been a freelance and commissioned artist since 1999. In completion of her BA in Ministry, she lived with and served Latinx women and children immigrants who were seeking refuge and transitional support after escaping domestic abuse, in Houston, TX. Chandra assisted the women and their children in daily aspects of their transition to safety, citizenship, and independence while working closely with the founders and a team of volunteers.

From 1999 through 2001, Chandra served at-risk youth and engaged in environmental clean-up, as an AmeriCorps volunteer through two years of service in local communities and schools in La Crosse, WI. During that time she created an after-school program for youth, acted as support staff for children with special needs, and was a resident artist and support staff at a local hospitality house/soup kitchen for the poor, homeless, and lonely members of the community. That hospitality house served elderly, adults, children, and people of all backgrounds–providing meals, a safe place to be, and a place to build friendship and community. In addition to this, much of Chandra’s life was spent serving those in need by working and volunteering in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, spirituality centers, and in businesses that empower people who are disabled and/or have special needs.

Chandra’s professional spiritual care practice, “The Present Moment Chi,” was established in 2004. In 2006, Chandra earned her MA degree in Servant Leadership (ethical leadership) and successfully completed two Clinical Pastoral Education units as a hospital chaplain intern in fulfillment of that degree. During that time of service and rigorous ethical training as a hospital chaplain, she served and supported hospital staff, families of patients, and patients of all ages and walks of life who were experiencing severe illness, going into surgery, recovering from surgery, and patients in the process of dying. The training included peer-based learning and evaluation, where Chandra worked and learned alongside clergy and laypeople of various faiths, atheism, and some international roots. She has also presided as a wedding and funeral officiant by request. At that same time, Chandra was certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner-Teacher (a journey of certification and practice that began in 2003).

In November of 2007, Chandra began blogging on WordPress. From Spring of 2011 to the end of 2014, Chandra served as a Core Team member for the holistic health collective known as Integrative Therapies (La Crosse, WI). The collective consisted mainly of: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, cupping, Mayan abdominal massage, energy work, spiritual direction, and other modalities. By joining the two original founders, Chandra collaborated in developing the collective, and acted as an organizer for the team (coordinating volunteers, creating a shared database, schedule, and a manual for practitioners) in addition to being an independent practitioner at Integrative Therapies for that time.

Throughout life, Chandra has been close to nature, animals, and has felt a connection to land and the elements. In adulthood, this naturally translated into being an environmentalist and advocate for animal welfare and human rights. She consistently volunteered on local committees from 2000-2012 whose focuses included: social/restorative justice and activism, sustainable living and ecology, learning about and showing support for survivors of torture and genocide; faith and mysticism, and spirituality and personal growth.

I have Solomon’s seal of approval. 😉

From 2016 to 2018, Chandra created Wild Clover Press, a small indie publishing platform, and published Recipe For A Green Life, a 488 page reference and complete guide and recipe book for holistic sustainable living. Recipe For A Green Life addresses complex issues and dynamics of the environmental crises, and how they relate to social justice, individual actions, ethical principles, and grassroots movements.

The name Wild Clover has special meaning: it is connected to Chandra’s relationship to creativity and nature (particularly photography, bees, and the sacredness of the prairie and grasslands, where she has lived most of her life). Wild Clover is a nickname that was given to her by her life partner many years ago.

Currently, Chandra provides specialized editing and writing services, and expertise related to ethics, leadership, sustainability, creativity and healing; poetry, art, symbolic and creative tools for self-development and spirituality; and the transformative practice of working with dreams and visualizing.

For fun, Chandra loves to: dance, write, draw, paint, research, rearrange spaces; spend quality time with family and friends; make time to connect with life, nature, and animals. She also loves: contemplation, mysticism, permaculture, holistic sustainability, free thinking, good humor, sci-fi/futurism, diversity/equity/equality, and biodiversity. Most of all, Chandra is a poet-writer-artist at heart, and a dedicated dreamer.

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