Wild Clover is rooted in love and respect for our Earth and all her integral living beings, ecosystems, biodiversity, wonders, and mysteries. The diversity and natural balance in and of Nature reflects great wisdom, natural recycling, efficiency, sustainability, and regeneration. What a marvelous role model. Welcome!

Wild Clover: Creative Expertise


Wild Clover is home to Wild Clover Press and Chandra S Sherin (CS Sherin)–artist, photographer, editor, and author. On this website you will find Wild Clover Press, Chandra’s artist statement & bio; Services currently available, and ongoing creative type blog posts (re-launched Feb. 2018) often highlighting art, photography, and poetry. There is also a page to send you to the official Recipe For A Green Life Blog (A Holistic Approach To Sustainable Living), where you will find regular posts for a holistic approach to sustainable living as well as DIY recipes.

@windywildclover on Twitter
Chan_Dreams on Instagram
CSSherin on Linkedin


Drawing by: CS Sherin, 2014.

Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is a poet, artist, photographer, author, editor, researcher, and sustainable living and kind meal wiz. She considers creativity and art, to be a meditation and sacred act of insurrection in favor of life and being.



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