Wild Clover is rooted in love and respect for our Earth and all her various living beings, ecosystems, biodiversity, wonders, and mysteries. The diversity and the natural balance in and of Nature reflects great wisdom, natural recycling, efficiency, sustainability, and regeneration. Wild Clover is my platform and my creativity starship. Welcome!

Wild Clover: Creative Expertise


  • Photography and art; original works and prints.
  • Writing, editing, prep for publishing, and research related to writing projects. Creative expertise for individuals, higher ed. students, authors, and professionals.
  • Sustainable living consultation, and facilitation for sustainable living classes and/or meetings.

Wild Clover is home to Chandra S Sherin, artist, photographer, and author; Wild Clover Press, and Wild Clover Deodorant Paste. On this website you will find the artist’s statement, bio; and ongoing art, photography, and other creative type blog posts (re-launching Feb. 2018). You can also find a page that sends you to the Recipe For A Green Life Blog, where you will find regular posts for a holistic approach to sustainable living, as well as recipes.

Other places you can find me:
Art and photography: Facebook.com/windywildclover
Chan_Dreams on Instagram
@recipe4green on Twitter




Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is a poet, artist, photographer, and editor/researcher, and sustainable living and kind meal wiz. She has been a commissioned and a freelance artist since 1999 using various mediums and formats from drawing, painting, and mixed media to indoor murals. She considers creativity and art a sacred act of insurrection in favor of life and being. Chandra is also a M/T level Usui Reiki practitioner, and was formally a holistic spiritual caregiver and advisor from 2003-2016. She continues to practice spiritual care and Reiki informally. Her most recent and most absorbing hobby of the year is genealogy research.



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