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by CS Sherin
August 1, 2018, updated October 11, 2018


The Gift Of Perspective

Take a moment to do the following before reading further:
→ Take a deep breath in through your nose, drawing the breath from below and around your belly button.
→ Hold the breath in briefly.
→ Then, release it slowly through your mouth.
→ Smile. Yes, even if you don’t feel like it and it is kind of fake. Smile, and then release any tension you are holding in your body with another breath in and then out.
→ Take one more deep breath, in and out, slow and steady. Smile again.

Now, consider this:


→ you are an inhabitant on the planet Earth, also known as: The Good Goddess, Gaea, or Tellus/Terra Mater
→ The Good Goddess is the 3rd planet from her (relatively young) Sun, also known as: Sol or Helios
→ our Helios solar system orbits near the galactic center
→ of our barred spiral galaxy called The Milky Way
→ within the minor Orion section (near the Sagittarius and Perseus major arms)

 → Our solar system is estimated to be one of10 to 100 billion solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy. 

 → Astronomers now estimate that there are at least two trillion galaxies in the Universe!

 → At the galactic center is Sagittarius A, which is near the constellations of Scorpius and Sagittarius.

 → Sagittarius A Star, in the Sagittarius A area, is a newly discovered radio source, and is also near the location of what is believed to be a supermassive black hole (at the center of our galaxy)!

Created Sept. 2013. NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO and R.Hurt, the artist.
It is still a mystery what the true nature of our Universe is and our place in it….

The most crowded place in the Milky Way, the Arches Cluster in the Sagittarius Constellation. NASA/ESA, 2015.

This is what is called perspective on the grand scale…thanks to astronomy.

Perspective gives us new glimpses of reality we hadn’t considered. Perspective can give us space to breathe, imagine, and create anew. Perspective can release undue pressures, and refocus our attention on facts of core importance. Perspective can help us to realize that our minds too often fixate and replay old thoughts and stories without taking in enough of what is happening and what is real now. Perspective can inspire and wake us up a bit.

While astronomy is able to give us that amazing perspective on the grand scale, astrology does too, just in different ways. Symbolism and mythology are, and have always been, a basic core of astrology worldwide in all the different schools, cultures, eras, and approaches. It has also always been a way to frame the spiritual/symbolic interpretation of our life experience on Earth.

The deeper meaning in astrology asserts that we matter, and have a right and a place (birthright) in the scheme of things in this universe, whether we have power, wealth, recognition, privilege, or anything else or not. This is fertile ground for self-exploration and mysticism.

Anatomical Astrology by Limbourg, 1411/16.

The 12 Zodiac signs, used in western astrology charts, are largely rooted in names and stories that come from Greek, Roman, and even Babylonian and Egyptian mythology and symbols.

The birth chart is an interpretation of our specific place and time of physical entry on Earth, using a specific and personal point of view from Earth, and then out into our solar system–which is the little neighborhood we inhabit in this galaxy–as was described above.

It is important to keep in mind, that the Earth itself is invisible within scale of size compared to some of the universe’s most gargantuan heavenly bodies.

Yet, we are present and in relationship with all that is.

This is amazing and good to orient ourselves in this way, beyond the mundane, while remaining rooted in facts of reality, as we know it so far!



So, the astrological birth chart is an imprint of us, our total life here, from the vantage point of our geographical placement and time of birth entry on this planet, latitude and longitude, and again, in relationship to some of the main heavenly bodies in our solar system neighborhood. The 12 Zodiac Constellations in our sky identified by astronomers reflect, but are NOT the same as the 12 Zodiac signs used in astrology.

The planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies, in astrology, become the symbols we use to enrich our point of view, gain new perspective, and seek greater harmony with the movements of energy and the universe in the present moment. Astrology is an incredible timely and timeless tool that illuminates many things, including the energies and dynamics in our now, in our past, and even our potential future.

The heavenly bodies in our solar system represent energies of personality, lessons, patterns, cycles of energy, phases, and time; dynamics, and aspects via often mythologically inspired archetypes. For the astrologer, the planets and other heavenly bodies we focus on (asteroids, mystical points) amazingly mirror our inner and outer realities in perplexing and accurate ways. The tool is complex and layered. If you are looking at only one or two aspects of a birth chart, you are probably missing not only the big picture — more importantly, you may even be misinterpreting key facts due to other areas of the chart that significantly change the one or two parts/interpretations you may be focusing on. It is an esoteric and mystifying perspective, and so interesting to experience.

No Belief Required

 As an astrologer, I am not bound by astrology, and I do not recommend being bound and controlled by astrology in any way. You do not need to believe in astrology. It is merely a helpful tool in order to grow and gain insight from, and it can be a meditation for many things. For example, you do not need to believe in a paint brush, wrench, or clay in order to benefit from it and use it. You also do not need to believe in meditation in order to practice it and benefit from it.

~ Chandra, Wild Clover Astrology

As For Astronomy

Astronomy is a scientific perspective of information, discoveries, theories, and facts about our physical existence on Earth, in this solar system, and beyond. That information — the images, and the growing knowledge about our universe provided by modern astronomers/scientists — is captivating and inspiring to learn about and explore. They can call astrology a pseudoscience or placebo all they want if that is what they need to do to feel better about themselves. It doesn’t change the fact that astronomy can enrich the ancient and vast traditions of astrology, but it can never replace it.

Astronomy VS. Astrology? I Think Not…

As an experienced holistic spiritual practitioner and someone who has overcome great odds employing and applying those principles upon myself, I understand the importance of spiritual practices — meaning, ritual, and the rich value of symbolism, intuition, and imagination. Despite the adversarial and dismissive tone taken by some scientists and astronomers, astrology remains strong and relevant.

A holistic approach and vision means that science and spirituality don’t have to agree, speak the same, or see the same; AND neither can replace the other. They are a part of a whole.

Most of us need some deeper meaning and context in order to enrich our lives and experience fulfillment. Our intelligence (emotional and intellectual) and our spirit (energy) all thrive when we are able to place meaning, and a deeper sense of purpose into the fabric of our lives–while also addressing in real ways what is broken and what needs to be faced, and encouraged to begin healing.

I feel, see, and know astrology to be an impressive and beautiful symbolic tool.

My Practice And Approach

In addition to my interest and study of astrology for over 30 years now, I have professionally practiced for the last 6 years or so. I have witnessed “aha” moments of clients getting unstuck–key realizations shifted perspective. I have had the joy of astrological consultations where my client is not prepared for how deep and real astrology consultations can get, and then also the astonishment at how fast the time flies as we explore some of the territories and dynamics of their birth chart. Getting affirmation and insight into our selves in new ways can be an inspiring catalyst for new perspective and resolve in purpose.

Tension and conflict between life partners or with a parent towards their child can be due to misunderstanding and missing information. I have witnessed the intense realizations via an in-depth birth chart consultation and report that helped to shift and improve these relationships, because it improved perspective and insight, and resulted in a deeper sharing, new appreciation and understanding!

Even for those who have done tireless self-work for decades, the revisiting of birth and transit charts on and off through each year may not bring as many surprises as for the newbie, but it still delivers insight and kind guidance, if one is open and ready to hear/see it and respond accordingly.

I continue to research, learn, and practice with humbled passion, knowing that there is always a tremendous range of mountains of more to learn and explore in astrology!

The Importance Of Integrity, Ethics, Transparency, & Experience

Critical thinking, intuition, research, astronomy, a holistic perspective, and a Jungian understanding of light, shadow, and the urge to integrate broken and rejected pieces back into wholeness and wellness — all inform my practice. Doing the hard self-care and personal development for decades; having encountered good and bad examples of practitioners, in being dedicated to ethical standards, and power differentials– I avoid assumptions, quick judgments, and present possibilities, potential, ask questions, and welcome feedback.

Photo and art by CS Sherin

Free Will & Improvisation VS. Fate

We have free will, choice, action, instinct, common sense, intuition and presence. Despite qualities and energies that seem to be or are, in some sense, fated or fixed. We are not bound by fate entirely, in life or in astrology–even though there are some fixed dynamics in life and personality that may make it seem that way too often. Yet, most often this — LIFE — is an improvisational dance, unpredictable and changeable. Then, maybe all that is left is for us to do is to discipline our thoughts & emotions, and exercise our sacred imagination for other’s and our own benefit and enrichment.

That is good news, as long as we are willing to face and take responsibility for our shortcomings, continue learning, growing, and respond/act on the information we are given in the best ways possible, and unique to each of us. That takes a commitment to response, mindfulness, wellness, and holistic care for yourself and your life. That means looking at your blind spots, wounds, and shadow qualities as much as your gifts, talents, and amazing potential.

This also means doing the work seriously and earnestly, but not taking ourselves or each other too seriously! Think about it…humor is essential. It helps us to endure while maintaining sanity in insane conditions. The best comedians illuminate what is wrong in a way that awakens and frees us via real laughter. The best comedians touch on truths that jolt us into really and joyfully seeing the F-words of our ways: our folly, farce, and fouls, OR the reality of the twisted corruption that we deal with in our culture! Good humor gives us space to breathe, and clarity to see, process, and address it.

Wm. Hone 1826, US-PD

In General, Western Astrology Uses

  • The 12 Zodiac Signs, which are symbols based on the Zodiac Constellations (The Zodiac was documented by ancient astronomers, many of whom were also astrologers at the time. Astronomy has since moved well beyond the Zodiac of astrology, while western astrology keeps the 12 Signs at it’s core. Remember, Signs are NOT Constellations, and Constellations are not Signs.)
  • Mythology and mythological archetypes
  • Symbols: elements (earth, air, fire, water), modes of energy (fixed, mutable, cardinal), and yin or yang energy types
  • Aspects, which are dynamics of energy, based on degrees of relationship between heavenly bodies and our time and place of birth
  • Ancient to modern methods/calculations based on the heavenly bodies’ relation to when and where an individual is born on Earth, down to minutes, latitude and longitude
  • A mandala (circle) called a chart, which is divided into 12 sections called houses, which represent different areas of life and time

The calculation of the astrological birth chart is the basis for all other calculations and reports made in astrology for people. It is relevant for the individual’s whole life, and covers nearly every important area of life with some surprising detail.

An Ancient Legacy

The history and use of astrology in conjunction with astronomy has been going on since ancient times. Astronomy and Astrology were one in ancient times — identical twins, in a way — who later parted ways (circa 1400–1700). Astrological tradition has continued in different ways throughout history and around the world: Egyptian, Hellenistic, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indigenous Peoples, and Renaissance Europe. Each had and has their approach and system/rules for calculations, perspective, and symbolism. Many are complex and layered.

An ancient Byzantine mosaic of the astrological Zodiac wheel from the 6th Century (500s BC, 1st Millenium).

 Diverse And Long-Lived

 Vedic (Indian), Mayan (and other Indigenous approaches/systems worldwide), Chinese, Western; esoteric, evolutionary, classic, modern, ancient, and with Heliocentric or Geocentric perspective, and more — the many approaches, origins, and facets of astrology.

Babylonia has one of the most ancient records of astrology, dating back to the 2nd Millennium BC. There are too many schools, branches, and different regions of origin in astrology to list here!

The countless approaches often differ greatly, and even within one system, using different calculation methods — results can be totally different.

Astrology has ancient roots globally, and it endures. Its global longevity, with room for different viewpoints, methods, new discoveries, and approaches, is evidence of its ongoing usefulness as a tool for personal development, being aware of and harmonizing with local universal energies/cycles/patterns, and self-discovery.

My Advice

I recommend exploring the depths of astrology, and know that there is always more to learn. Be sure to avoid commercialized astrology that is over-simplified, shallow, and sensationalized.



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