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Wild Clover is rooted in love and respect for Earth–the Good Goddess–and all her integral living beings, ecosystems, biodiversity, wonders, diverse life and beings, and mysteries. The diversity and natural balance in and of Nature reflects great wisdom: natural recycling, efficiency, sustainability, and regeneration. What a marvelous role model!
Wild Clover is an integrative enterprise created by Chandra S Sherin. Chandra (pronounced like Channing) is Wild Clover.


Here is an overview of some of what you find will here….

Wild Clover. Photo by CS Sherin, 2016.


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Chandra S Sherin, MA, is an author, holistic sustainable living advocate, editor, research and ethics in leadership & culture enthusiast, artist/poet, dream work midwife, and creator of Wild Clover, a multi-faceted integrative enterprise located at WildClover.org.



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