Chandra S. Sherin, MA, is the author of Recipe For A Green Life: A Holistic Sustainable Living Handbook & Recipe Book. She is also a freelance writer, editor, artist, and dream work mentor. Chandra (pronounced like “Chan“) founded Wild Clover at the beginning of 2015. Wild Clover is the polestar for Chandra’s creative expertise via services and creations.

Current services include: editing and writing, independent publishing consultations, and dream work facilitation.


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For over 30 years, Chandra has been writing stories and poetry, taking outdoor photography, doing dream work and dream journaling, practicing meditation, and creating art. She has a BA degree in Studio Art from Viterbo University, and has been a freelance and commissioned artist since 1999. In 2006, Chandra earned her Master of Arts degree in Servant Leadership (ethical leadership); earned two Clinical Pastoral Education units as a hospital chaplain, and became a certified Usui Reiki practitioner teacher. In 2007, Chandra began blogging. From Spring of 2011 to the end of 2014, she served as a core team member for the holistic health collective known as Integrative Therapies (La Crosse, WI). The collective consisted of acupuncture, massage, cupping, reiki, spiritual direction, and other modalities. Chandra’s spiritual care practice, “The Present Moment Chi,” was established in 2003 and ended at the beginning of 2015. From 2016 to 2018, Chandra created Wild Clover Press, an indie publishing platform, and published Recipe For A Green Life.

CS Sherin, 2019.

I am practical and thrifty. I love minimalism and fresh air. I have a passion for fringe art, folk art, dancing, music, and the weird. I am non-linear, yet on time. I am a naturalist, rustic and eclectic, and also a futurist. I am a dreamer, and an ethics and research enthusiast.

Creating and editing, mentoring and facilitating, come naturally to me…and I have worked hard to hone these skills.

I am at home in employing critical thinking, discipline, and logic — just as I am with the mythical and mystical dimensions of life and being.

Spirituality (for me personally) is mystical, universal, esoteric, concrete and symbolic, practical, ordinary and miraculous; connected to nature, movement, and the body; and outside of institutions and outdated unjust tradition(s).

I love telling stories about animals and strange events, because it is universally relatable and/or interesting. I love editing. The discipline is much like the alchemy that is needed in poetry and art — simplifying, enriching, and arranging that becomes clean, clear, engaging, and effective communication.

Imagination is a sacred doorway to non-ordinary reality. Meditation, breath work, and visualizations are free and priceless tools. Ordinary reality is filled with honest, overlooked miracles. There is so much more going on than what it seems. Re-igniting the wonder of life and being, within the ordinary, in balance with each present moment reality — can make all the difference.

~ CS Sherin

Just for fun..

My favorite movies: Ponyo, Anne Of Green Gables series, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Amelie, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, MIB 3, What About Bob?, Harry Potters series, The Tenth Kingdom, and Moonrise Kingdom.

My favorite tv: Adventure Time, Finding Your Roots, Antiques Roadshow, The Muppet Show, Grace & Frankie, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Queer Eye, Dr. Who, Star Trek: Next Generation & Deep Space Nine, and Flight of the Conchords.

CS Sherin, updated April 2019