Wild Clover: Creative Expertise


Wild Clover is rooted in love and respect for Earth,
the Good Goddess, and all of her integral ecosystems,
biodiversity,wonders, diverse life/beings, and Mystery.
The diversity and natural balance in and of Nature
reflects great wisdom:natural recycling, efficiency,
interconnection,sustainability, and regeneration.

What a marvelous, priceless role model!

Wild Clover is
an integrative enterprise
created by Chandra (CS Sherin).
Chandra is Wild Clover.


Photo by CS Sherin, 2016.



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Chandra S Sherin, MA, is the author of Recipe For A Green Life; is a holistic sustainable living advocate, editor/writer, research & ethics enthusiast, artist/poet, dream work expert, astrology muse, spiritual care mentor, and creator at Wild Clover–an integrative enterprise at WildClover.org.


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