New Art: Angels And Trees

by C.S. Sherin, 23 October 2020

Yesterday would have been my brother’s 54th birthday. He died suddenly at the end of April from a heart attack. Hitting the milestones of someone’s life, in their absence, can be so emotionally demanding and difficult. And so, in anticipating the day, I found myself turning to art. In fact, not just in the face of grief in the loss of my brother, but also in facing the difficulties and crises we face as a country and world right now…I found myself turning to art.

Creating art and writing are my two keen passions of this life. When I do either, I feel more energy, fulfillment, and purpose. Especially with art, when it is flowing, I feel a heightened connection to the limitless love and energy that flows from Source–it is like a runner’s high sometimes, where I feel like I can keep going indefinitely. The feeling isn’t all at once, though. It is more sustaining and accumulates over time, alongside all stages of creating the art.

While, ultimately, I would like to turn the angel drawings I did in the last few days into paintings, what they are now is quite enough for me. They represent and bring into my space a deep resonating love and pure devotion. They are a nod to folk art, and to seraphim.

The birch trees by the water are a watercolor that I have wanted to paint for a very long time. Yet, it wasn’t until after I finished a huge literary project for myself, sent queries to agents and publishers; and once my brother’s birthday came around that I finally had the energy, need, and flow to do so. Honestly, I haven’t been inspired to create art for quite a while, and it is a quite welcome shift. The trees painting is inspired by a painting that my daughter did many, many years ago. The watercolors from school were cheap, and the painting she created faded away. It was time to do the painting.

Going back to what I was saying about my own grief…

It is added to the mix of stress we all currently face due to environmental, social, educational, and health crises; and the ongoing deaths, conflicts, and conditions of the pandemic.

And, I must also acknowledge the current presence of a deep anxiety, personally and collectively, regarding the upcoming elections and possible aftermath scenarios….

I wish there was something to say to ease and comfort myself and everyone else. But, I can’t find any comforting words at the moment. What I have found, though, is creativity, forward movement, and new art that came forth from my own being in recent days.

It really isn’t that I think that the art is exceptional in any way, you know. It is only that when I find something to do which is such a grace and so sustaining, the best thing to be done is to share it. So, all I have to offer right now are these angels and trees. They are rooted in deep love, reverence, and abiding connections to goodness. Maybe they will speak to you too.

And so, here are my latest works:
Seraphim 1-4, marker (metallic and regular, ink on paper)
Birch Trees By Water (watercolor and ink on paper)

Seraph #1 by C.S. Sherin, October 2020
Seraph #2 by C.S. Sherin, October 2020
Seraph #3 by C.S. Sherin, October 2020
Seraph #4 by C.S. Sherin, October 2020

Birch Trees By The Water by C.S. Sherin, Oct 2020

Birch Trees on the wall (by C.S. Sherin) 🙂
Seraphim 1 and 3 on the wall 🙂
Seraphim 2 and 4 on the wall 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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