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C.S. Sherin, 29 July 2020

Recipe For A Green Life news
  • My book, Recipe For A Green Life, in e-book format, is on sale. You can get an instant download of this 439 page holistic guide and recipe book for sustainable living for only $5!
  • There is a new post on the Recipe For A Green Life blog today, regarding the necessary and needed integration of racial justice with the environmental justice movement. There are some highly recommended resources in that post that I think you will get a lot out of.
changes at WildClover.org

This website has recently been completely changed and updated! Please have a look around at all the new and updated pages, and new focus with services.

In addition to the new pages and design on the site, I am also offering ongoing deals for those who wish to work with me, but are experiencing financial strain. I am committed to being open to creative solutions in working together!

In these challenging times, I wish each of you the creativity, courage, inner peace, wisdom, and resilience necessary to move forward in the best ways possible for you and your sacred journey.

all my best,

C.S. Sherin

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