The Importance Of Anti-Racism

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C.S. Sherin, June 1st 2020, updated July 29, 2020

The organized hate of white supremacy (that is being encouraged by an irresponsible, unfit, and immoral President and VP–with Republican backing) has demoralized us all, and the breaking point is at hand.

In the last week, I have thought of little else…George Floyd, and the understandable reactions, protests, and political action due to his wrongful death.

It is an abomination that Black (and Indigenous, and all People Of Color) should live with the daily terror and subliminal fears that they do, and have, for far too long–for as long as the USA has been a country. Yes, there is a problem with hate, white supremacy, and racism around the world. Yet, the corruption of our country is hinged on these specific dynamics. And we, who are not BIPOC need to comprehend this.

Many White people are surprised and outraged by the corrupt police officers who have been videotaped murdering innocent Black people. Yet, they express a feeling of things being worse or out of control suddenly. What White people need to recognize is that the same systems that racial profile and lynch Black people in 2020 are the same systems that have sought to make us feel safe, content, and unaware of the underlying issues/toxicity.

We have had to admit to each other and others that we fell into many different kinds of embedded systemic racism and reactions that we have had to overcome through learning, experience, and accounts. This is an ongoing dedication of awareness to work on.

As White people (no matter what traumas, discrimination, or difficulties we face(d) in our lives) we must develop our perception and empathy to the degree that we lose our ability to stay comfortable, and we allow ourselves to become broken and triggered–in a way that ensures we are becoming more true and effective allies. We need to be broken and triggered in certain ways–not in order to perpetuate suffering, mental health issues, or low self-esteem–but in order to wake up to the systems and habits that seek to make us complicit to this ongoing genocide.

Racism and white supremacy hasn’t gotten worse—it has become more visible–due to the ability to record and share what is happening. And, voting for the status quo has re-enforced this systemic racism.

The only way any justice can be sought now for Black Americans (Indigenous and People Of Color), is with video evidence that goes viral, combined with protests and media coverage on many fronts for months after the fact. And even then, the norm has been that the police officers do not face criminal charges…there has been a void where justice belongs.

Can any middle America White family understand or relate to this? Justice will be done, for them. They demand it for their loved ones. That privilege, that assurance for justice and protection, is not afforded to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color). We must be, and remain, demoralized and activist about this.

We must wake up to the fact that we cannot comprehend the pain, damage, and lack of justice that surround Black Americans (BIPOC)–no matter what hardships and discrimination we have experienced. We must commit to recognizing privilege, and using it, on behalf of those being discriminated against (and murdered), in as many aspects of life as we can.

Part of the problem that we find ourselves in–is that police forces have little to no accountability, and there are few ways for us to make them change, except through protest, petitioning, voting, and political careers. What recourse do we have in such a sick system?

The lack of flow to timely justice leads to protests, destruction, and violence. It is a natural course of action when nothing else works. It isn’t a right or wrong. Peaceful action is occurring along with just and unjust actions of violence and destruction–in response to the peaceful protesting.

What will it take to end the corruption and embedded hate and racism? Peaceful movements have power, but are resisted. For example, Colin Kaepernick’s completely respectful, patriotic, and peaceful protest against systemic racism and police brutality–kneeling during the National Anthem at football games–was met with insane amounts of racism and intolerance.

And then, there are those (white supremacists, police, and others), stepping in, creating violence and destruction to undermine and distract from the just protestors. Those are the active enablers and participants in white supremacy and systemic hate. Those are the ones taking the focus away from George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, to name a few innocent Black Americans who were wrongfully murdered in only the past few months.

Which Extremists Are Sparking Protests?

Antifa are people against fascism, which, in itself, is a good thing. However, some antifa embrace anarchy and violence as methods to tear down the toxic systems that oppress, murder, and perpetuate hate and white supremacy. It is unfortunate that those methods of destruction and anarchy take away from the peaceful protests in George Floyd’s name and for his life, which was stolen.

Again, largely, the police forces themselves are inciting and committing violence against those peacefully present in rightful objection to ongoing, largely institutionally-allowed lynchings. In addition, organized white supremacy groups are also causing destruction and violence to undermine the cause.

For the protestors gathered peacefully, the pain and outrage at the lawless hatred that is embedded in our society is justified and sane. With no justice, with no accountability, there can be no peace.

Something to keep in mind, there was no riot gear for the white men who were armed with guns protesting the COVID-19 lock down in Michigan at the end of April. The difference in how White men with guns are treated while protesting, or how White mass shooters are treated after murdering countless people, is self-evident proof of the horrific levels of white supremacy that have been established in our systems, communities, and among those who take the oath to “protect and serve.” Of course, there are beautiful moments of the police joining and standing with protestors over the past days. But, unfortunately, they are the minority right now.

This is an interesting thread on Reddit, regarding the perspective of various police officers…

Police Officers Respond To George Floyd Protests On Reddit, response by Amalchemy

Since the wrongful death of George Floyd–an innocent man, killed by four police officers while being filmed in Minneapolis on May 25th–protests have continued across the country and around the world.

Will there be justice? Why does it take so much? Why do the police arrest and harm others who protest the criminal murder of George Floyd?

It is essential to remember: if the wrongful death of George Floyd hadn’t been witnessed, filmed, and shared, and then protested: the four police officers would have reported it as an underlying medical condition, and would have never been exposed or held accountable.

Watch the video below. Everyone needs to. Listen to her truth, fight, agony, loss, courage, trauma, strength, love, and righteous anger. Let her strength and truth and agony break your heart, and embolden you as an ally.

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Anti-Racism Resources

In addition to the many article links above, here are some formal resources:

Other Articles & Individuals To Follow

Besides the many links in this post, please do check out the following as well:

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Regarding Videos Of Police Joining Protests

It is important to look at what good is happening, and to appreciate those who authentically step forward in solidarity. There are good cops. But, in too many cases, they aren’t able to change the corruption of their peers and/or supervisors. Their motions for solidarity and change are important. Good cops understand the protests and want to uphold that right and need.

However, there is a danger in looking at the police officers who are doing the right thing by joining the protests as a solution and resolution. It isn’t. And, it isn’t enough. Until there is accountability and systemic change, the actions of good cops joining protests isn’t enough. It can be healing, important, and encouraging, but it isn’t justice. There has to be timely follow-through of justice. No justice, no peace.

With that in mind, here are some videos that are examples of being an ally:

Another example of a good ally
(You may want to mute the sound):

This is a stressful and uncertain time for our country. In so many ways, people were hurting and have been hurting; and are hurting more now. As we stand as allies and commit to Anti-Racism, we must continue to educate ourselves, to learn, and to use our privilege for acts of kindness, justice, and solidarity.

In addition, it is essential that each of us take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Taking breaks from social media and news is most likely necessary. We must do whatever we can to find balance and strength while navigating this huge time of change, upheaval, and growth.

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