Drawing Mandalas For Fun And Peace

Drawing Mandalas For Fun And Peace…and some quick updates…

C.S. Sherin, April 27, 2020

Hi! A couple bits of Wild Clover news for you, and then, something I have been meaning to share with you here for a month!

Radio Interview Postponed

My interview on the “Heart of Wellness” show on WDRT.org, that was scheduled for tomorrow morning, has been postponed due to Wisconsin’s Stay At Home safety order during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As soon as a new date is found, I will report it here.

New Project Pending

While also going through all the ups and downs that this pandemic presents us all with, I have been putting a lot of energy into a project that I consider my life’s work. While I can’t tell you all the details yet, I can say that I have completed it, and am in the process of bringing it to fruition! You will be among the first to know when it reaches the stage of becoming more public. I am deeply happy and excited to have reached this milestone in my life, despite the pandemic. Until the announcement time arrives, please enjoy some creative fun that I have to share with you, below.

Hopefully this will contribute some goodness into your day. Hoping you are doing well and staying safe!

Recent Mandala Journal Entries

Well, I meant to share these many weeks ago. Better late than never, I guess! For those of you new to my mandala journal, I usually post some of my entries on my IG account (cs_sherin). In the first couple mandala posts on my Instagram profile, I went into depth about mandalas, and why I keep a journal of them…if you are interested in learning more.

Also, below the following photos of my art, you will find a quick tutorial, so that you can create your own mandalas! Check it out. 🙂

Guardian Angel Cat by C.S. Sherin, 2020.
“Universe in the mind of an alien” by C.S. Sherin, 2020. My husband and daughter and I have been drawing mandalas together for the last 12 years! This time we had a timed challenge to complete a mandala in 5 minutes that included the universe and an alien. You can see their results in the photo below.
Our 5 minute mandala challenge was fun. We usually do really low key mandala creations, so this was a fun change of pace.

Make Your Own Mandala For Fun

Creating mandalas helps to reduce stress, and calms the emotions and mind. The act of containing what is being drawn within a circle has a symbolic affect on our subconscious. The circle helps to resolve, protect, and express in a way that consciously and subliminally supports wholeness.

  1. Get some paper.
  2. With a pencil, trace a circle around a bowl or plate onto the paper.
  3. Choose your medium: pens, pencil, marker, or watercolor.
  4. Allow yourself to create whatever comes to mind. Or, choose a pattern or subject that allows you to either gain more peace and joy, or helps you to release difficult emotions.
  5. The mandala doesn’t need to be: perfect, beautiful, accurate, or what you or others may expect it to be.
  6. The mandala can be: ugly, angry, happy, sad, confusing, abstract, imaginative, or unoriginal. All are valid. All your feelings and drawings are okay!
  7. Try to let go of expectations and just play.
  8. A great way to start is to choose two to three colors and go from there.

This can be: a fun, distracting activity, a conscious engagement of creativity for healing, an ongoing practice, a journal, or a once in while activity to pass the time with family or friends…or whomever you are passing time with during the pandemic.

My little family and I have found that during hard times, mandalas have helped us to relax and bond in a way that leaves out pressure, and allows us to just be. It is a lovely intersection of meditation, creativity, therapy, and fun!

Sending you warm wishes of true peace and goodness,

C.S. Sherin