Wild Clover News: Quarantine Edition

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C.S. Sherin, 2 April 2020

First, I want to follow up on my latest announcement about the launch of my new astrology blog. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. With so many important writing projects vying for my attention each day, it was so often left for later. Until the pandemic took hold, and the New Moon was in Aries. My fire trine took over, and that was that. I dove in and got it started! 🙂

The way I approach astrology is this: it is a helpful tool to gain insight and stimulate personal growth, and affirm deeper truths within; it is symbolic, mystical, and archetypal; it is a way of interacting with the sacred Mystery of life; it is a helpful way to illuminate personal blind spots, and it is a lovely, compelling way to empower and gently, respectfully guide self and others. I have a particular interest in the collective and big picture social movements within astrology, and a lot of the blog will probably focus on that. And while my writing will contain some sort of forecast, I stay away from locking in to predictions for the future. This is because I have a deep reverence for free will and co-creating in the present moment. Even a forecast will give us a good idea of the likely weather and influences ahead, and we can go from there. Often the information alone will spark intuitive messages to be heard and understood more clearly.

As far as my astrology services go, my specialty is exploring and reporting on the natal chart alone or with current transits. The natal chart contains so much, there is always more to talk about and explore! And, in doing reports for couples or parents for their children. Helping those in relationship to see and appreciate their differences, needs, and how they can best make their partnership work is an honor and joy. From what I have seen, a lot of conflict is simply caused by differing perspectives and misunderstandings. Astrology can and does serve as a helpful tool to untangle some of that and bring clarity and better understanding.

New Astrology Post Today

So, back to the NEW Wild Clover Astrology blog….I have a new post up today! It explores in-depth, a part of some of the big shifts we will and are experiencing this year, as expressed through astrology–specifically the fact that Saturn has been in Capricorn since 2017, and is now in Aquarius till 2023. The content covers aspects of the collective, and specifically Capricorn, Aquarius, Saturn, mythology, and aspects affecting the collective, the United States, and the Internet. Please check this blog post out and give it some love. I so appreciate it! Here is the link: Wild Clover Astrology blog: Saturn In Aquarius.

There is so much big astrology coming up, and I will be covering it all on that site. Astrology services remain here on Wild Clover. So, other than this introduction, I won’t be posting about astrology here, and will leave that to the blog. So, please do follow and share it! Thanks!

Quarantine Life Update

I work from home and am pretty introverted in general. Still, this dynamic of Safer At Home during the pandemic, practicing isolation is really challenging–even for me. Because I am extremely tuned in and sensitive to collective energies in general, and because so many people I love and care about have been dealing with so many different kinds of loss and challenges at once–this has been really challenging and exhausting at times.

The first two weeks, I have never felt so tired. Then, I rallied, and felt renewed. This week, the reality sets in deeper, and there is a lot of stress and grief in the air. Now, with the weather getting nicer, the idea of being restricted, even outdoors, and knowing that the pandemic will get worse before it gets better, well…that is hard to process.

Some days are better than others. It simply is a “take it day by day” sort of experience. Mostly, it is the emotional processing being done on the personal and collective level that is the most challenging for me at this time, as well as the horrible idiotic decisions by “leaders” that harm the most vulnerable of us.

I rest in the news and movements by people that are heartening , compassionate, and that reach out to those in need, those forgotten, those overworked. I rest in the moments when I can write, create, talk with loved ones and friends.

Last night, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition, they showed video footage of a whole neighborhood in NY, from their windows, cheering on, clapping, and encouraging a nurse going to work. That is one gorgeous little moment–of so many that we are creating together in such strange times.

There are many things that can help us to get through this time. I have put together a little bundle of ideas here, for this day, for this weekend, that may be helpful to you too:

Some Relief-And-Solace-Through-Humor, Impressive Musical Parodies:

My April Fool’s Day post over on the Recipe For A Green Life blog wasn’t a prank or joke, but it did cover topics of both poop and humor, funny enough. I felt that there was no room for pranks on that day, but still was looking to stimulate my mind and release some stress. The excrement mentioned has to do with an amazing article written about human waste, pollution, recycling, history and where we are today with all of it. And then, I provided some relief-and-solace-through-humor sources: go here to see all the suggestions and a link to that great article.

My dear friend and colleague, Julia, has provided her personal spiritual insight, and tons of amazing spirit-soul, practical, and holistic focused resources on her site well ~ whole ~ empowered. I highly recommend her services, her integrity and gifts are second to none.

Well, if you have stayed with me this far, I have saved the best for last. This one is filled with heart, wisdom, and an important message for all of us at this time. It is a new post written by someone I am lucky and proud to call friend, the amazing woman behind Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications, and the post is called, Heeding The Call To Simplify — I highly recommend reading and sharing it, far and wide.

all my best, with bright wishes for better days for all,

C.S. Sherin

Author: C.S. Sherin

Author of "Recipe For A Green Life," C.S. Sherin, MA, honors life, relationships, and the sacred through storytelling, poetry, art, and photography. C.S. creates engaging content across genres, and provides expert editing services. WildClover.org is the online polestar for C.S.'s creative expertise services. You can also find CS on IG and Medium @cs_sherin, and on Twitter @windywildclover

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