Photography: Enduring Moments Outdoors

CS Sherin, July 17, 2019

We took a road trip to Decorah, IA about a week ago. We had never seen the 200 foot waterfall there, called Dunning Springs. The top of the waterfall starts from a small cave up towards the top of the bluff. The spring becomes a pretty impressive and relatively long and big waterfall. The naturally air conditioned air surrounding it was a bit of a heavenly welcome on a humid summer day.

My husband and our little dog weren’t able to climb all the way to the top of the trail along the waterfall, since it gets quite steep, slippery and hard to balance with a dog in tow. They let me go the extra five or so feet up, where I could see the origin of the spring that gushes, amazingly, into a vigorous and beautiful waterfall. This first photo is of three harmonious trees that stand right above and to the right of the waterfall, above where I stood.

Three trees above Dunning Springs, Decorah IA, July 2019.

The view of the source for Dunning Springs waterfall, Decorah IA, July 2019.
Photo credit: CS Sherin

Dunning Springs Waterfall, Decorah IA, July 2019.
Photo credit: CS Sherin

And here is the look of a happy, proud, sweet, thankful dog on a hike with her people.
Photo credit: CS Sherin

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this week’s summer photo fun!

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