Photography: Enduring Moments Outdoors

CS Sherin, July 17, 2019 We took a road trip to Decorah, IA about a week ago. We had never seen the 200 foot waterfall there, called Dunning Springs. The top of the waterfall starts from a small cave up towards the top of the bluff. The spring becomes a pretty impressive and relatively long … Continue reading Photography: Enduring Moments Outdoors

Photography: Moments Become Memories

CS Sherin, July 10, 2019 The cool thing about photography is that it provides an enduring insight into fleeting moments. This is one of the reasons I love it. As someone who has always preferred being outdoors as much as possible (with some exceptions), nature photography allows me to stay present with it even when … Continue reading Photography: Moments Become Memories

Summer Deals On Wild Clover Services And Products

CS Sherin, July 3, 2019 Take advantage of these great summer deals! 25% off e-book purchase: Recipe For A Green Life 2nd ed. e-book. Coupon code: RKWWZ15US8. Purchase here. Expires Aug. 27, 2019. 50% off your first project: Editing, proofreading, & research services. New clients only. Expires Sept. 3rd, 2019. 25% off your first astrology … Continue reading Summer Deals On Wild Clover Services And Products