Bee Photography

Bee Photography
by Chandra S Sherin

The following are some examples of my bee photography. I re-started my passion for nature photography in 2010, and it started with bees on flowers. Flowers and bees remain some of my favorites to look at through the lens to see what is revealed. I have great love for bees, and wish to inspire others to appreciate and protect them, as well as create environments that support them. Bees are dedicated pollinators and the more I learn about them, the more interesting they are, and the more of my respect they garner. I can’t wait until this Spring really begins waking up the first flowers to feed the bees with, like dandelions. The following photos were first posted to my Instagram account (@Chan_Dreams) unless otherwise noted.

“Upside-Down Bee” 2017, Chandra S Sherin photography
“Bee Flying To White Rose” 2017, Chandra S Sherin photography
“Bee And Green Bee Pollinating” 2017, Chandra S Sherin photography
“Bee Covered In Pollen” 2016, Chandra S Sherin photograph
“Bee Tongue” 2012, CS Sherin photography, not previously published on Instagram
“Three Bees” 2017, Chandra S Sherin photography, previously published in the book Recipe For A Green Life
“Bee At International Friendship Gardens” 2017, Chandra S Sherin photography


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