May The Fourth Be With You, Book Release Announcement

May The Fourth Be With You, Book Release Announcement

May 4th, 2017
by Wild Clover Press

Today is the day! After a long and intensive journey, here is the news you have been waiting for:



For those who are not into or familiar with Star Wars, today is Star Wars day, a day when we love to announce, “May the Fourth be with you!” It is a play on the phrase “May the force be with you,” from the movies. That phrase gives one the sense of fighting the good fight–of a YES to love, life, and all that is good in the face of daunting obstacles, and often, too slim of odds.

What better day to announce the release of Recipe For A Green Life by CS Sherin, and edited by Charish Badzinski? It encapsulates much of CS Sherin’s own good fight and big YES to all that is right and good with life, in the midst of overwhelming and daunting obstacles and odds. We invite you to use it as the light saber for Good that it was made to be! We are all in this together–and love for life, each other, Nature, and the planet, as well as the instinct for survival, brings us all closer together each passing day.

How did this come about? Well, it all started a long, long time ago….in a galaxy far, far away. Ok. No, it actually started around 9 months ago, and happened pretty close to home, in this immediate universe.

We published “A Green Lifestyle Recipe Book” in January of 2016. After that, CS Sherin set out to expand it into a second edition. Funny thing is, it turned into a 470 page work of its own, with the original draft publication at its core, yet expanded to hold more recipes, a thick bibliography, beautiful photography, futuristic thoughts, and so much more!

Charish Badzinski, an award winning travel writer and highly skilled editor, helped to hone and polish Recipe For A Green Life into a well-organized resource, recipe book, foundation, and manifesto for holistic grassroots Green living.

Long story short, today we are so proud and excited to announce that Recipe For A Green Life is available for you to purchase via Createspace and via wholesale purchase (bulk purchases only) through Wild Clover Press today! It will also be available via Amazon today or within a few days. Recipe For A Green Life will also be available to purchase locally at Full Circle Supply, in downtown La Crosse (copies should arrive there within the next 10 days).

Visit the book’s blog, and sign up for email notification for posts at

Stay tuned for the upcoming e-book release of Recipe For A Green Life as well. Coming soon!

May the Fourth Be With You!

CS Sherin, Wild Clover



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