Introducing Recipe For A Green Life Blog

by CS Sherin
Feb. 8, 2017

Before you know it, my new book, Recipe For A Green Life, (edited by Rollerbag Goddess, Charish Badzinski) will be published and available for you to delve into. In order to make the most of that, I gave this big Green book its own blog space. The new blog is at Please pay it a visit, and sign up to receive notifications for new posts!

There is already a new post as of today that expands on a topic in the book, Consumers vs. Humans. Check it out, and please share.

I will still post book-related news and events here, but Green life topics related to the book will all occur there instead of here.

I will continue to focus here on all manner of creative topics and ventures, inspiration and reflection, creative holistic approaches to wellness, spiritual growth focused astrology, transformative dream work, and photography.

Thank you!


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