Wild Clover News: New Book, New Dream Circle, and a Poet Plays Cupid

Wild Clover News: New Book, New Dream Circle, and Poet Plays Cupid!
January 23rd, 2017
by CS Sherin

Now, more than ever, is a time to invest in creative and compassionate acts daily. Beyond hope, this brings tangible positive evidence of goodness and healthy spirit in action.

I am a contemplative, creative soul. So, my strongest gifts are in the realms of creativity (art, writing, poetry) and empathy-based actions. My activism and compassionate action is best channeled via these gifts to make a difference in this world and life. When we do the things that come from the soul, that amplify life-giving energies (like music, friendship, kindness) these choices we make, in the present moment of each today, affect and transform many important things–little by little and/or by leaps and bounds, in seen and unseen ways. There is much right now that depends on us remaining aware, awake, healthy, and active–politically, socially, and internally. The arts, creativity, and expressions of love, honor, reverence and kindness are essential sources of sustenance and perseverance in this life. Music can be life-saving, as can humor, poetry, art, acts of kindness, and transformative dream work that translates into and empowers everyday life.

My commitment at this time is three-fold, and I offer it to you now.

1. I have written a 450 page book entitled Recipe for A Green Life. It is an extensive grassroots holistic handbook and recipe book that can help you to begin to grow your own Green life and make it last. I have dedicated thousands of hours to this book, filling it to overflowing with great care, experience, insight, resources, recipes, and foundational ethics and values. This is a major expression of my values, compassion, and activism. Not only am I proud of what I have accomplished and have great enthusiasm for it to be released in the near future, I am also so thankful and proud to have had the honor and blessing of working with the amazingly talented and brightly spirited and impassioned, Charish Badzinski, also known as The Rollerbag Goddess. Charish has worked tirelessly as editor for this huge project. I thank the lucky stars that brought such a powerfully good ally (and friend) to this book. We both know it is something bigger than both of us, that can contribute positively to this world. It upholds passions we both share in inspiration, positivity, ethics, equity, compassion, action, creativity, photography, good kind meals and products, and clever Green actions. Charish brings to this book the wisdom, not only of her wicked wonderful editing skills, but also her wisdom and experience as a world traveler and freelance writer with a Green goddess heart. More about the release of my book, Recipe For A Green Life, will be coming soon! Stay tuned. The book already has a Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook page, by the way, if you want to connect.

2. As a committed and active dream work midwife, I find that the value of processing our dreams and acting upon their insights and wisdom to be one of the most powerful, fertile, and most needed creative acts we can commit to and engage in with one another. Not only does it bring healing and wisdom, it also results in tangible positive effects in the waking world. I will soon be forming a small dream circle which will commit to exploring this important and life-giving creative and spiritual work together regularly. If you are in the La Crosse, WI area, and have an interest to be a part of this dream circle, please message me and we can discuss it further.

3. Simply stated: poetry. Poetry is the voice of my soul. What could be more heartening and strengthening than using the gift of poetry to express love, reverence, romance, appreciation, and to illuminate the sacred hidden feelings between those who love one another? It is an act of love and creativity at a time when anxiety, stress, fear, and violence threaten to take over. I humbly offer my gift of poetry to you and your loved ones. I will channel the energy of cupid to inspire verse based on your own sentiments and stories that bond the two of you together. This is an opportunity to amp up feelings of love, creativity and gratitude in an unexpected way. Poet Plays Cupid is an event that Full Circle Supply invited me to create as a pop-up shop at their place for the Downtown Winter Open House on Friday Feb. 3rd at 4pm.

Along with this special event, I will be available as cupid’s little poet to scribe your sentiments for a loved one (on Kraft paper and with artistry) for a mere $5 per poem from Feb. 1st to Feb. 13th. So, if you are in the area, and are interested and can’t come to the event downtown, message me your interest between that time period.

CS Sherin | WildClover.org 2017©


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