The 13th Zodiac, Ophiuchus


By CS Sherin
Updated Nov. 15, 2016

Practicing astrology for myself and others is one of my favorite creative tools that is both fascinating and helpful. When I create a report and share an in-depth astrology consultation it is an honor and joy for me to do so. I have had the pleasure of working on quite a few in-depth natal reports in the past month. For someone new to in-depth astrology reports and consultations, mine can be a bit of a shock and overwhelm with the realization of just how in-depth and accurate it can be. Wild Clover astrology reports and consultations focus especially on soul-purpose and empowerment. It is important to realize that if you want a Wild Clover in-depth natal report and consultation you will get your money’s worth, but you need to want to dive into the depths, do your inner work, be ready and willing to look at challenges, wounds, shadow and growing edges in balance with the gifts, strengths, light, and affirmation. Exploring your birth chart at times of change, transition, and other times of need is an amazing tool for self-help, spiritual direction, and affirmation. While I don’t do predictive astrology, looking at the birth chart encapsulates a lifetime in various ways and even specific ways. There is always room for free will, choice, and individual growth and experience within a birth chart and (and in predictive astrology).  Another report that builds on your birth chart is the yearly Solar return report, which takes every birthday year and casts it in relation to your birth chart, but progresses it into the current year. It can give you an idea of themes and influences to be aware of for the coming year, and is a lovely birthday gift if the person is familiar with their birth report. If a person is not familiar with their birth chart, a Solar return report would be confusing. I appreciate looking at my own solar report each year, and also always return to my birth chart when I need insight for certain themes, dynamics, and influences at various times of life. It has also greatly facilitated insight and new awareness for important relationships in my life, such as with my husband, child, and friends. I have been interested in astrology since I was in middle school and dabbled in some deeper books when I was in college, but only began to study and practice professionally in the last five years. Intuition and dreams are also a part of my approach to astrology, as it is for my other creative works and life. Speaking of which, I had a quite recent dream about the 13th Zodiac to share with you.



NASA was making a big deal not too long ago about the 13th zodiac called Ophiuchus. It is interesting because this is not a new discovery and is not new to astrology or astrologers. Ophiuchus translates to the “Serpent-Bearer” and is also known as Serpentarius. Ophiuchus is connected to many mythological figures including Greek Asclepius, and was known and sometimes incorporated into astrology by ancient astrologers in some shape or form along the way. Ophiuchus is longer in duration than Scorpio, and is large, but is not as bright as Scorpio, and it actually overlaps in season into Sagittarius in western astrology. Some say that the astrological zodiac is about signs not constellations, and about cycles and seasons, not about astronomy’s math. However, back in the day astronomers were also astrologers. And I suspect some still are. Additionally, from ancient times on, people far and wide in respected positions, in and out of religions, with education and means, utilized and respected astrology.  Anyway, beyond seeming disses from NASA, it is interesting to note that the moon-based calendar is 13 months, which is a number representing the divine feminine. Ophiuchus being called out as the 13th zodiac every now and again echoes that fact of a number 13 in the feminine aspect and moon cycle. Ophiuchus’s dates are November 29th to December 17th. This falls within Sagittarius’s set time-frame. And this time is actually quickly approaching as I write this.

If I am a Sagittarius or have a lot of it in my chart, I am interested in this influence, whether it is a full zodiac sign or not. I would consider looking at it from time to time as a 13th zodiac. The feminine wisdom isn’t linear or rigid, and can seem random when it really isn’t. Ophiuchus, as I understand, carries an energy of a man who has under his control a great serpent; most often depicted as being held at a distance between both hands. This can be the influence of someone who heals, and knows how to administer healing energy that is represented by snakes and their powers of transmutation. There is also the influence here of transcending the serpent’s venom, and even using it for healing purposes. It can also represent a struggle between opposing powers that is at an eternal impasse. Some say that this sign actually represents the divine feminine that has been hidden and ignored. That is all much of what I have been aware of about this 13th zodiac so far. Then, a few days ago, I had a dream that gave me surprising new insight about it that I find quite interesting and worthwhile to share publicly.

The information I received in my dream was this: Ophiuchus is fast-approaching and will be activated in its season this year. I know that sounds predictive and prophecy-like, but I don’t share it as such necessarily. Dreams can be timeless or time can be relative in dreams. Also, whenever we go through any sign there is an activation and influence related to it in some way–that is ongoing. The dream went like this: Ophiuchus wielded the serpent with great ease and control, yet also, the serpent was a direct part of the movement. The serpent shot out in a straight line from his hands and caused us all to be propelled and shot off into a completely unexpected and utterly different trajectory. We all, in some effect, were suddenly propelled into a new timeline, in some way. The feeling that accompanied this that I was shown and observed was deep peace. I was also shown that the activation that the Serpent-Bearer provides relates to the big-picture and the collective, not to individuals. That is all I got from the dream. Maybe more will emerge and reveal itself in time. I am fascinated to even have a dream like that. Back in September when this diss from NASA was being spread around again, I didn’t think much of it. Now, I am paying attention. And, I do love how dreams can participate to shape our reality and inform us of things we may not yet be aware of. It is our natural magic and birthright to dream, and to understand and act on them.

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CS Sherin, © 2016.
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